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Why Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers as Private Security Is Better

By developer | Apr 08, 2021

Security is a top concern for many people. You want to feel safe in your home, office, or workplace. Individuals, business owners, and residential apartment owners alike hire security guards to...

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Why You Should Have A Loss Prevention Officer

By developer | Mar 01, 2021

To avoid losses in your retail business, you must know the potential causes and risks. Hiring a skilled loss prevention officer would be the best choice to solve the losses in the facility. The loss...

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Hiring Security Services for Your Luxury Hotel

By developer | Jan 28, 2021

Your hospitality business won't survive if it is an unsafe premise, regardless of its welcoming appeal. For your staff to work for you or any guest to spend time at the business, the facility should...

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How Vehicle Patrol Can Prevent Crime in Your Gated Community

By developer | Dec 30, 2020

How Vehicle Patrol Can Prevent Crime in Your Gated Community  When you think of a gated community, what comes into your mind must be that it is a relatively safe place to live, do business, and...

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Locking Down the Area

By developer | Feb 01, 2019

An active shooter situation is something no one wants to think about or ever have to deal with. The fact is, with today's world being the way it is, anything can happen. Being prepared and proactive...

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By Super User | Feb 09, 2017

Robbery is a crime against your person. If an individual in public confronts you, your home or a business and they use force or fear to take your property you have been robbed. It is important to...

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