Large corporations like data centers and manufacturing facilities contain a treasure trove of confidential information. From a customer's confidential financial information to trade secrets that could ruin the business if stolen, valuable data and manufacturing processes need to be protected and secure from various types of breaches. At Green Knight Security, the professional staff offers both on-site patrols as well as many other types of security options that can fully protect your company's investment. Call 844-457-8326 and speak to the highly-trained professional staff to find out what your options are when it comes to protecting your facility and your staff.

Data Centers

Data centers contain massive amounts of sensitive information. Unlike other types of businesses, a data center's sole purpose is to store and maintain large amounts of data. Many data centers have few employees and are often quite secure on their own, simply because of the cost of the equipment on the premises. At Green Knight Security, we can increase your security by adding video surveillance cameras, regular uniformed patrols, and a third-party monitoring service that allows us to keep you up-to-date on what is going on at the facility at all times. Your security system provides you with up-to-date security reports as well as offers ways to improve your security if your risks would happen to increase.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities are often rather large and sprawled over a massive area which makes it difficult to maintain any type of in-house security. At Green Knight Security, there are several options that can be used to secure even the largest manufacturing facility. Video surveillance is one of the best ways to keep “eyes on” a larger facility. Video surveillance can be monitored on-site or through a third-party monitoring system.

Because of the size of many manufacturing facilities, having a security presence is the best way to protect the company and its employees. Green Knight Security offers manned security check-points where employees can enter and exit the facility safely. It allows those who work there to go in while screening visitors and preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access.

Protecting Trade Secrets and Other Important Papers

Trade secrets are irreplaceable. While blueprints, recipes, and other documents may be easily protected while on the premises, there are times they must be transported from one location to another. At Green Knight Security, mobile security options are available to protect your documents and keep them from falling into the wrong hands or being damaged. From plainclothes security guards to uniformed security task forces, you will have access to the best possible security options during each step of the transportation process.

In addition to trade secrets, confidential legal agreements, bids, contracts, and other valuable documents are also vital to the success of your business. If any of these sensitive documents are compromised in any way, it can have a devastating effect on your business. The goal of having an effective security system is to protect the inner workings of your business and maintain the standards of your company.

Confidential Customer Records

Whether you work at a data center, manufacturing facility, or any other type of large corporate business, confidential customer records and documents are often close by. At Green Knight Security, staff members are former security guards, law enforcement officers, and private investigators who have years of experience and thousands of hours of training. This gives them an edge on what you will need to fully protect both your confidential records as well as the employees you hire.

Having a security system installed is only one aspect of maintaining a safe and secure environment. It's important to back up your digital security by having a trained professional on staff to monitor videos or screen visitors. If you don't feel the need to have someone on hand at your facility, hiring Green Knight Security to monitor your facility from an off-site location is also an option. With a small facility and a few on-site employees, a video surveillance system and a digitally operated security system may be all that you need to protect your sensitive documents.

Variety of Security Resources

Aside from the extensive training and many years of experience, the staff of Green Knight Security offers a wide variety of resources that can provide a multi-layered security system that protects every aspect of your business. In addition to protecting your company's physical property, your staff must also feel secure and protected while doing their jobs. The next step is providing effective security for all of your confidential data and physical documents.

A few of the most popular security resources offered by Green Knight Security include:

  • Closed circuit video surveillance.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Secured access points.
  • Plainclothes security.
  • Uniformed security.
  • Personal bodyguard.

By combining these as well as numerous other services offered by the staff of GreenKnight Security, a complete security platform can be designed and implemented to fully protect your business on every possible level.

The Right Security Team

No matter what size of business you have, keeping it safe and secure should be high on your list of priorities. This includes protecting the outside of your facility while at the same time safeguarding the sensitive and confidential information kept securely on the inside. At Green Knight Security, trained professionals come from almost every type of security or law enforcement type of occupation within the industry. Some have worked as prison guards, while others have worked as plainclothes security in malls and other large commercial complexes. There are also law enforcement officers who are capable of identifying potential hazards and risks that others might miss.

In addition to the staff, Green Knight Security offers numerous tools that can be used to help secure both physical as well as digital assets. After performing a security audit, the staff can put together a security platform that includes automated locks, video surveillance, third-party monitoring, and security patrols both uniformed and plainclothes. During the audit, any possible security risks will be addressed, allowing you to choose the best possible options for your business. Protecting your confidential documents should be an essential part of your security plan.

Data Centers and Manufacturing Facilities Security Services Near Me

When it comes to protecting your business, nothing should be left to chance. If you live in Southern California and have concerns about your company's security protocols, call 844-457-8326 and talk to the staff at Green Knight Security. In addition to offering a security audit, the staff will go into detail about all of the different security resources and services they can offer to help you protect your business and keep your most important assets as secure as possible. Whether you choose a round-the-clock-security presence or a simple security system with a surveillance video and on-site monitoring set up, the goal is to make sure your risk of a breach or break-in is as low as humanly possible. Don't take chances with your business or its future! Call Green Knight Security to find out what you can do to reduce your security risk and protect your company!