Construction work sites are complex areas filled with a wide variety of hazards and wide open spaces. They are unique areas that can be difficult to monitor and even harder to secure. It's important to remember, however, that a work site is an extremely valuable project. Not only is the land valuable, the cost of materials and equipment is incredibly high. One of the best ways to protect your investment is to hire a security company that has the knowledge and expertise to keep your site secure and protected from outside intruders. Green Knight Security offers you the highest level of protection for your construction site. Call 844-457-8326 to schedule an evaluation and find out how Green Knight Security can secure your property.

The Benefits of Having Security at Your Construction Work Site

Having a reputable security firm on your premises at all times offers you a wide variety of benefits. First and foremost, it keeps unwanted individuals from entering the work site and risking bodily injury. Secondly, it prevents the loss of equipment or materials due to damage or theft that occurs once the construction workers leave the area.

Having a security team onsite throughout the day and during the night ensures that your company's investment is fully protected from financial loss. An onsite security presence is an immediate deterrent to anyone who has plans to enter the property illegally. The visual presence of a security system or video surveillance equipment can also be a strong deterrent.

Unique Problems Associated With Construction Sites

Construction sites pose very unique problems for security companies. Not only is there large, wide open spaces, there are also small nooks and crannies that make a perfect hiding place for someone who is trying to sneak onto the property. Equipment is stored on the property ranging in size from small tools and tool boxes to large cranes and dump trucks. In an open construction area, the risk of theft is extremely high.

In addition to the risk of financial loss due to damage and theft, the risk of injury to both employees and trespassers is constant. Workers who are employed at the site have safety equipment that must be worn at all times for their protection. Unexpected visitors can put themselves at risk of both injury and even death if they enter a construction site and are unfamiliar with it. Having a guard shack placed at each entry point can dramatically reduce the number of unexpected visitors who gain entrance to the property.

Multiple Levels of Security

At Green Knight Security, our trained professionals can put together a security plan to help protect your construction site from being compromised. We understand that a guard patrolling may not be sufficient to protect the entire property even if the area is fenced in. We offer multiple levels of security that can be used together to create a comprehensive security plan. A few of these services include:

  • 24-hour onsite patrolling.
  • 24-hour video surveillance and offsite monitoring.
  • Security alarms.
  • Onsite guard stations for large projects that cover several acres.
  • Mobilized patrol teams for large properties.

You can combine several services or simply choose one if your project is small. We can create the perfect plan to fit your needs.

At Green Knight Security, our agents are highly trained and have many years of experience. Many are former law enforcement officers, prison guards, IT professionals, and body guards who are well aware of the circumstances found at many construction sites. They can identify potential problems and make recommendations as to the best way to handle any given situation.

Know Your Protected

When you work with the professionals at Green Knight Security, you are guaranteed to have the most qualified security team watching over your property at all times. We use state of the art equipment combined with the dedication and experience of seasoned law enforcement professionals to provide the highest level of security possible. We use several tools and resources to secure your property. From visual surveillance to onsite patrols, we can supervise your entire property and let you know immediately if anything is wrong at the site.

We allow you to play an active role in the creation of your custom security program. Not only are your concerns addressed, we provide you with the tools you need to fully protect your investment. You are able to view your property through closed circuit systems and ask questions of your security team at any time, day or night. We want you to be aware of what is going on with your property at all times. When you hire Green Knight Security, you hire a team of professionals who will work hand in hand with you at all times. This involves performing frequent evaluations to make sure the security needs are met at all times, during all phases of the construction work.

Why Green Knight Security?

Why should you consider Green Knight Security? Simply put, because we are the best at what we do. Each of our security professionals is highly trained and comes from a background that offers them experience and knowledge in the area of security and protection. While the majority of our security personnel come from a law enforcement background, we also hire IT professionals who offer assistance with our video surveillance and alarm systems. In addition to the knowledge and training they have received prior to coming to work for our company, each member of our team goes through additional training to keep them abreast of new laws and security measures that are available to help protect your property.

We are also dedicated to hiring only the best candidates for our security team. Every person who applies for a job with our company must pass an extensive background check. We look for individuals who have experience with many different areas of security. This includes security guards, law enforcement officers, prison guards, and IT professionals that are experienced in the use of all types of alarms, security, and surveillance systems.

The professional security team at Green Knight Security can help you create the type of security program you are looking for to protect your construction site. We can evaluate your construction site and create the type of program you are looking for to full protect and secure your work site. We offer round the clock security to all types of construction work sites. Whether your site is small or covers several acres, we have the staff and the equipment to secure your location and protect you from substantial financial loss. When you call us, we make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Call Green Knight Security today at 844-457-8326 and schedule a consultation. Our goal is to make sure you are fully confident in the security measures we have put in place and the overall security plan that we have created to protect your project on every level. Call us today and find out how we can help you protect your investment.