Keeping our children safe is a top priority for every school in the country. From bullying to predators, our children are at high risk. At Green Knight Security, we understand the importance of protecting today's youth from those in society who would wish to do them harm. Our staff of highly trained security guards is well-known throughout the Los Angeles area for our dedication and persistence when it comes to providing the best security possible for each school that is placed under our watch. If you have concerns about the security of your child's school or would like to refer us to your school's administrator, you can call our office at 844-457-8326.

How Important Is School Security?

School security is always a top priority. Even with the strictest guidelines possible, many schools have gaps in their level of security. At Green Knight Security, we have the resources and the tools to provide your students and faculty with the peace of mind they deserve. It can be extremely difficult to maintain a learning environment if teachers and faculty members are required to be the eyes and ears of the school's security system. That's where Green Knight Security comes in. We take over and offer a watchful eye, while students and teachers get back to the task of learning. In most cases, our presence is barely noticeable. We choose to interact with staff and students so that we can build a positive relationship based on trust and respect. This gives us an opportunity to blend in seamlessly, allowing the students to feel completely comfortable and knowing they are in the best hands possible.

24-Hour Video Surveillance

We offer 24-hour video surveillance for many schools that have had a problem with vandalism or theft. While having a hands-on presence during school hours gives us an advantage, our 24-hour surveillance system makes sure the entire school and the property within its walls, is safe and protected. With our state of the art system, we can also notify fire departments and other local emergency agencies in case of a fire, water leak or other types of natural disaster. Our goal is to keep our eyes open all day and all night, making sure your students are able to fully concentrate on learning and reaching their full potential. Video surveillance cameras can be placed strategically across the entire campus, including outdoor areas such as sporting arenas and playgrounds.

In-House Security Personnel

Our in-house security personnel have completed specific training that allows them to work directly with the students and teachers. Our entire personnel team is made up of former police officers, prison guards, and security agents. They know how to serve and protect and they take their job very seriously. They also understand that dealing with children and young adults requires a special touch. We will work first hand with faculty members to make sure each student feels safe and comfortable with our presence. The staff we have at the school will always be easy to approach and will work with each student on an individual basis if they feel as if they are being threatened in any way. Our goal is to make sure that each student and faculty member understands that they have full access to any of our team members at any time.

School Youth Liaison

When dealing with students, it's important to have one person that is available at all times, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that a student who feels threatened at school has a way of reaching one of our staff members at any time. School youth liaisons often act as mediators between students and faculty members if the student believes that their situation will not get the attention it needs if it is taken to the faculty first. Our hope is that every student feels confident enough to work with us when it comes to maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. We offer several services to schools and universities that enable us to bridge the gap between students and faculty members. It can be difficult at times for a faculty member to see everything that goes on in a classroom. That is why our personnel are always available with a listening ear. We want to make sure that each student feels safe whether they are in class, in the parking lot, or on their way home.

Why Green Knight Security?

Green Knight Security hires only the best when it comes to offering schools and universities the highest level of security. Each person we hire goes through an extensive background check and must also attend a variety of classes and training sessions so they understand exactly what is expected of them. Working in a school setting is not for everyone. That is why we hand-pick the security teams we send to educational facilities. Each member of the team must be cordial, compassionate, professional, respectful, and above all, approachable.

In addition to our staff of seasoned professionals, we also have state of the art equipment that we can use to protect the students and the school's property on every level. We offer the following:

  • Video surveillance systems.
  • Door alarms that can be used during school hours as well as when school isn't in session.
  • Metal detectors (if the school would like to use them).
  • Security staff that is available 24 hours a day.
  • Plainclothes patrol that is on-site during school hours.

Uniformed Officers

Having a uniformed officer on site makes a profound statement to students. While students may initially be fearful of the appearance of a uniformed officer, they soon realize that they are there to protect and assist them in any way necessary. A visible security presence is a strong reminder to individuals who may wish to attempt to retaliate against the school or students who they believe have harmed them in some way. For larger schools, having more than one uniformed officer on site can provide students with a sense of security they may not have if one officer is expected to cover a larger area.

One of the benefits of having uniformed officers is that it builds a rapport between the students and those who are sent to protect them. For some children, it is an opportunity to interact with police officers in an environment that is conducive to building a strong bond or respect and appreciation that can last for many years to come. This type of interaction dispels the myth that police officers are the enemy and gives children of all ages a chance to understand what each officer must go through in order to ensure their safety.

The Benefits of Plain-clothed Officers

In addition to uniformed officers, having off-duty police officers in plain-clothes is also an option. Unlike uniformed officers that provide a visible presence, plain-clothed officers blend in easily within their surroundings. This offers a level of security that goes much deeper into the true environment of the school and its surroundings. Without their uniform, the officer becomes a part of the background and often will go unnoticed unless something happens where they are required to take action.

Plain-clothed officers are also more likely to be able to strike up conversations with students that may eventually lead to information regarding threats or the possibility of someone taking action against the facility, faculty, or the students themselves. They are able to establish a rapport of trust as part of the faculty instead of a visible member of law enforcement. While many of these officers may be known to the students as a liaison, the atmosphere will tend to be more relaxed and at ease.

Special Advanced Training

At Green Knight Security, both uniformed and plain-clothes officers are given special, advanced training before being allowed to work in a school setting. They must be able to interact with both children and adults on a level where trust and respect can be easily established. This is a priority that must blend seamlessly with their duties as a law enforcement officer. While it is extremely important for the students and faculty to trust the officers, they must also respect the fact that they are there to protect everyone on the premises.

The training they receive includes knowing and understanding what types of activity promotes school violence, as well as signs that are often displayed by students who are unhappy or frustrated. In the aftermath of many school shootings, it is uncovered that the responsible students displayed a variety of markers that, if noticed in the earliest stages, could have possibly prevented the tragedy. By being trained to notice these subtle indicators, law enforcement officers can identify individuals who may need to talk to someone about how they feel. Officers are also taught how to diffuse lesser altercations, such as bullying, harassment, or arguments that could escalate into more serious matters.

Volatile Situations

Volatile situations do not always result in mass school shootings. They can result from rival gangs trying to infiltrate the school and establish turf boundaries. Violence can also occur in the form of fist fights or bullying between athletic teams and other groups of students. Bullying has no defined face and can occur at any time. It's up to the adults and law enforcement officers to identify both students and adults who take on this type of activity. Once they have been identified, the goal is to correct the situation so that the victim knows they are being heard and the situation is being dealt with appropriately.

There are certain situations in which both uniformed and plain-clothes officers are called to act where the exact circumstances are unknown. At Green Knight Security, each officer is trained to respond to each incident with the required amount of care or force that is needed to bring the situation under control and protect the students and faculty that are nearby. Each situation is unique and officers are trained to assess the situation and determine what measures are needed to bring things back under control. This can be a difficult process, but each of member of the Green Knight Security team has the skills and training to accomplish this task.

In some cases, no force is needed. It may be that the perpetrator simply wants to be heard and their position understood. The officers at Green Knight Security know from experience that sometimes the only way a student believes they can be truly heard is to act out. While this type of behavior isn't condoned, the officers will always do everything within their power to diffuse the situation. This is where the benefits of having plain-clothes officers on hand truly pay off. Because many students have become accustomed to interacting with the officers, it's much easier for them to speak to them about potential problems they may be having.

Active Shooter Situations

During an active shooter situation, several things begin to happen at once. As soon as the shooting begins, fear can overtake students and faculty causing them to do things that might put them in danger. All security persons employed at Green Knight Security are highly trained to handle any size or type of active shooter situation. Their first priority is to secure the safety of the faculty and students. The next step is to locate the shooter, disarm them, and bring calm back to the situation. While this formula seems simple enough, putting it into action takes both skill and strategy. This is where the strict training each officer must go through begins to show its merit.

When officers are put in place at a school, they immediately go about developing a plan of action that can be implemented if an active shooter situation arises. This involves securing the scenes vacating the premises safely and bringing the situation under control without any injuries or loss of life if at all possible. Security personnel and police officers are able to evaluate the scene, identify safe areas, and systematically move from place to place, securing each area. This type of movement forces the shooter into a position where they have few options. It also is a tactic that is designed to move the shooter away from the students. There are times when they must alter their course of action as the situation evolves. At Green Knight Security, each officer is capable of taking charge of the situation and following it through to its completion. Contact us now at 844-457-8326 to learn more about our School Security teams.

Our security personnel will do their very best to make themselves available to every student and faculty member whenever they are needed, without causing disruptions or unnecessary distractions. We also offer security for after-school events, such as sporting events, dances, and other types of festivities.

The professionals at Green Knight Security will always go the extra mile when it comes to protecting our kids. Schools should offer a safe environment that is conducive to learning and developing into future leaders. Our personnel will make every effort to ensure that the students and faculty at your children's schools have the best advantage possible when it comes to a safe and friendly environment. We work throughout Southern California and have a wide variety of services we can offer to the schools we serve.

If you think your school would benefit from having an onsite security team present during school hours or even a limited presence to protect the facility after hours, we have the resources and manpower to get the job done. Our goal is to offer each school the level of security they feel comfortable with. Not every school will require a plainclothes guard to be on hand at all times. Larger schools and universities may require an entire team of security personnel. We will visit the school and evaluate its needs so that we can discuss the appropriate options that may be most beneficial. Don't take your children's security for granted. Call Green Knight Security today at 844-457-8326!