More than half a million Americans go unhoused, representing 0.2 percent of the United States population. People without homes issue was first recognized as a national issue in 1870, and since then, the problem has worsened. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has considerably affected many, and the related economic impact has forced many into unsafe conditions. Unhoused encampments are now set up all over and can be seen whenever space is available. As the number of encampments increases, the higher the liability to property owners hence the need for an encampment response team. Green Knight Security works 24/7 with Los Angeles first responders, government agencies, property owners, and law enforcers to offer security in a timely and safe manner.

Various Services Offered

As the rate of the unhoused population grows in Los Angeles, trespassing and loitering have quickly become a severe problem for residential and commercial establishments. More often than not, the only effective way to deal with trespassing is by implementing security measures that deter or minimize any unwanted visitors.

Green Knight Security offers sound solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients and provide long-term, short-term, and emergency security services to ensure your requirements are satisfied when required most. Our firm is insured and licensed, and our qualified security guards have backgrounds in law enforcement, so you can be assured that you will receive the best services when you hire us.

We have various security solutions that accommodate any need and request, including:

  • Unarmed security guard services for the private property.
  • Armed security guard services for the private property.
  • Off duty police officer security guard for the private property.
  • Surveillance and patrol of the private property.

Surveillance and Patrol of the Private Property

Surveillance and patrol of the private property services are tailored to accommodate private property owners with security needs but don't require permanently posted security officers. The personnel offers the following services:

After-Hours Door Checks

Any skilled security company should have mobile patrol officers performing night checks to ensure your property is empty, alarms set, and all doors secure and safe.

Closing Time Lock-ups

Your community encampment response team will lock and secure your outbuildings, garage, offices, swimming pool area, among other facilities, at the precise time that you determine.

Opening Time Locks

This service differs from the lock-up services. The security officer will open all the facilities locked the previous night at a specific time.

Alarm Response

Instead of having the management or police officers respond at the wee hours of the night, you can take advantage of the alarm response services. It will also save you money since many police departments charge a lot of money for false alarm responses. The security company will look for forcible entry and contact the police when required. It will ensure your alarms are reset after searching and securing your facility.

They will also ensure that late-arriving residents are authorized to get into your property.

Site Surveys

On top of standard security services, your security providers should offer an evaluation that determines your private property's vulnerabilities. It functions as either an upgrade review for your established environment or a pre-services analysis.

Security Cameras for People Without Homes Loitering

Installing a security camera outside the property is an excellent strategy to deter unhoused persons from loitering on the property and minimize crime. If a person sees a security camera monitoring the facility, they are less likely to camp there.

Additionally, the cameras can assist you in getting law enforcers when a person is causing a nuisance or loitering. Generally, police receive numerous calls regarding disturbances, but only a few are taken seriously. Video footage makes your case a priority, and the law enforcement agency will handle it timely.

The camera system could send a cloud-based alert to a smartphone should an intrusion occur and contact the police.

Remote Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring can offer you the degree of protection you want if you want to safeguard your facility from theft, vandalism, or loitering. With video monitoring, a skilled security agent can constantly monitor feeds from security cameras, ensuring all criminal activities are detected instantly, and the agent handles the matter accordingly. The agent can determine whether it is a loiterer, false alarm, severe criminal conduct ongoing.

Your agent might talk to the unhoused via speakers and request them to leave. Should they fail to leave, the security agent might contact the police and have them removed from your property.

Your certified patrol service provider should be available for an after-hours check upon management request.

Off Duty Police Officer Security Guard for Your Private Property

As far as hiring security services is concerned, working with highly-trained and experienced officers whose priority is safety and protection is essential. Since police officers are exposed to different security threats and risks, an off-duty police officer might be the best choice for your property security. They are highly skilled and sharp in all situations.

Being "off the clock" does not strip the law enforcer of power. They can't watch an unhoused person engage in a robbery and do nothing because they aren't on duty. If a possibly hazardous situation happens, the officer can arrest or even call for backup. It makes them ideal security guards, especially if you're worried about break-in or theft.

Why Hire an Off-Duty Security Guard?

Police officers undergo a considerable amount of training before earning their badge and continuous training throughout their careers. Their training covers state, federal, and local laws, emergency response, crowd control, police ethics, firearms, drug and substance abuse, and first aid. Although most security guards might be interested in law enforcement, being a security guard isn't a shortcut to being a police officer. Qualities that set them apart from standard security guards include:

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Interpersonal skill.
  • Robust moral character.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Committed and dedicated to community.
  • Communication skills.

These qualities assist your off-duty police officer resolve issues with the least disturbance. They know when to apply force and typically warn any suspect before acting. 

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act permits eligible retired and active law enforcers to move around with hidden firearms. In other words, the officers can carry guns anywhere provided they have proper identification. Therefore, a policeman or woman who isn't on official duty can offer security for private property and respond to any threat from persons without homes more sufficiently than a security guard.

A police officer is credible, has the authority to use their training and capability to execute appropriate security measures swiftly and safely. They are inspired by crime prevention, act in emergencies, and prioritize safety. That means they can do more to protect you and what matters to you the most, your property.

An off-duty police officer understands the law because they enforce it. It can eliminate challenges that might arise when handling persons without homes. Knowing that you not only have an expert trained in the law but can also enforce it gives you peace of mind.

Do you have precious goods, jewelry, furniture, equipment, or antique at your property? Or would you like VIP and executive protection for guests and clients?

With an armed police officer as your security provider, you can be assured that your loved ones, assets, and you are safe 24/7. The officers are familiar with criminal dealings and can plug gaps in your security efforts before you know they exist.

Depending on your specific needs, an off-duty policeman or woman can be an in-plain outfit, official work uniform, or business attire. A uniformed police officer will offer more protection than a standard security guard. If an unhoused individual is contemplating committing an offense, they might think twice after learning a police officer is present.

How an Off-Duty Police Officer Can Aid You

Apartments, condo complexes, gated communities, businesses, buildings, among other private properties, share typical threats, including assaults, vandalism, break-ins, loitering, burglary, and property theft. While electronic gates and alarm systems are effective security measures, they have limitations.

A practical security program must include on-site skilled security guards. Your security provider should understand your unique and pressing threat needs. That way, they recognize the essence of learning your private property, residents, and building characteristics, developing a plan for identifying and mitigating risks.

  1. Emergency Response

Your security personnel can function as a first responder to an unusual occurrence or emergency. Their expertise and training allow them to secure the scene promptly. They will remain calm and take the necessary steps to gather the required information for further investigations, ensuring the matter is resolved effectively.

The off-duty police officer also assists law enforcement by ensuring that medical or fire personnel locate the scene efficiently without wasting time. They can also maintain the scene's integrity by keeping residents, unhoused persons, and motor vehicles at a distance, permitting emergency responders to do their work.

On top of their response at the scene, the officer can receive a quicker response from the emergency service. They can call in a code on their radio. Even when they do not have the radio, they can contact emergency dispatchers more effectively.

  1. Gate Security and Access Control

Your entry gate is the doorway to your building or home. Without keen supervision, any person can quickly enter and leave your property at any time. A police officer at the entrance will keep unfamiliar or uninvited persons out and convey to them a message that you prioritize your security.

Your security guard will create a strong first impression while simultaneously being friendly to your residents. They can maintain your visitors' book, check identification, secure and open gates at specific times, and offer the visitor and resident assistance.

  1. Provide Road and Foot Patrols

Police patrols safeguard your private property from potential community encampments and promptly detect security concerns. The official can perform both irregular and regular vehicle or foot patrols on your asset and around the perimeter. It gives you confidence that a person is available should your safety be at risk.

Law enforcement can also identify suspicious conduct, monitor parking, control traffic, and enforce noise regulations. 

Armed Security Guard Services for the Private Property

Law enforcement agencies are constantly looking for methods to reduce crime and the unhoused rate. However, there are more private security guards than police officers. According to Forbes, there were six hundred and sixty-six thousand police officers and one million one and hundred thousand private security officers in 2017.

That means the police department is limited due to the lack of personnel, resources, and time. It is almost impossible for a police officer to go onto all private properties to ensure their security and safety, making private security services a more cost-effective and efficient method.

Although there are numerous benefits of having an armed security presence for your private property, the leading roles for your armed security guard are deterring potential threats and responding promptly to immediate security threats. Any experienced armed security company in Los Angeles knows how to handle various situations with protecting your assets and loved ones as their priority.

Typically, the presence of armed security guards with firearms will deter aggressors from making hazardous threats or committing a crime on your asset. Additionally, they send a message that you take security and safety seriously. The guards offer a degree of safety that is second to none; monitoring and alarm systems cannot do that.

Should your aggressor decide to execute their criminal plans, your security guard should know how to respond appropriately and fast, using their knowledge and specialized training. They can use conflict resolution, among other de-escalation methods, allowing the likelihood of peaceful solutions.

On top of preventing potential criminal activities, your guard keeps a close tab on the activities and guests in your facility. They will help monitor entrances and exits from the facility and search individuals or bags so that no one brings an illegal product to your home or building. Additionally, they can identify and handle suspicious situations before they result in a crime, such as:

  • Breaking up unhoused persons and loitering groups.
  • Reporting unusual conduct.
  • Conducting access control.
  • Performing a random patrol visit.

Other services offered by armed security guards include:

  • Threat assessment.
  • Performing vehicle and foot patrols.
  • Property and event access.
  • Communication with relevant law enforcement agencies.
  • Logging and reporting security occurrences.
  • Assisting you in security responsibilities as required.
  • Night surveillance.

Unarmed Security Guard Services for the Private Property

As a property owner, you are accountable for the security of the property and persons in the facility. You cannot take these duties lightly, particularly in the increased rate of unhoused persons. Engaging unarmed security guards is an effective method to protect your investment.

Most people think that armed security guards are the optimal security solution. Nevertheless, that isn't always the case. There are numerous reasons why an unarmed guard might be the best fit for your preference.

Your security company should assist you in determining the most practical and pocket-friendly security strategy for your situation. Here are essential questions to consider:

  • Does the property contain many precious items like jewelry, equipment, or cash?
  • Is the property in a place with many people without houses?
  • Is the property located in an area with a high rate of crime?

If your answer is no, you should consider using an unarmed security guard.

Benefits of Using an Unarmed Security Guard

An unarmed guard acts as the first line of defense against unwanted trespassers and guests. Their presence deters vandals and thieves from trying to camp in or destroy the property. Should an incident occur, they are the first to act, using their training to respond to any active security threat. While they don't have weapons, they are trained to resolve conflict swiftly.

Other benefits include:

  • Peace of mind — Knowing that a person is protecting your property from harm brings a sense of safety and calm.
  • Affordability — If you're concerned about costs as a property owner, hiring an unarmed guard might be a more reasonable option, especially if you are not in a high-risk environment.

Partnering With the Local and Government Agencies to Help and Help Arrange Encampment Removal

Generally, the police is the first and sometimes the only government contact for unhoused persons. Although it is not uncommon for the police to use conventional methods when dealing with the vulnerable, most law enforcement agencies are gradually moving away from making arrests. Today, they partner with stakeholders among seasoned security providers and community members to develop approaches designed to foster positive relationships with those without homes, assess needs, and guide them to different services they need.

Green Knight Security community encampment response team also provides other services, including:

  • Help the relevant government agency identify various factors the government can address.
  • Collect and share data crucial in understanding the scope and nature of being unhoused and measuring the impact of all implemented strategies.
  • Help the relevant government agencies maintain public safety through patrols.

Find a Compassionate Community Encampment Response Team Near Me

People are left unhoused for many reasons, and there is no cut-and-dry method for removing the individuals from your private property. However, there are humane methods you can use to handle the problem the right way. By hiring seasoned security personnel in Los Angeles, you can efficiently protect against loitering, vandalism, theft, and trespass by only allowing the authorized persons in your property.

At Green Knight Security, we offer security measures and reliable solutions that you can trust and make your protection and safety our priority. Call our Los Angeles security team today at 844-457-8326 to schedule your free security assessment and consultation.