Active shooter certification classes are just one way that you can learn how to protect yourself and others during a chaotic situation. At Green Knight Security, it is understood that maintaining your composure during an active shooter situation can and will save lives. While everyone hopes they will never have to experience this type of event, the uncertainties in today's society make it a possibility. The professional staff at GKS encourage you to call 844-457-8326 to enroll in an active shooter training class. The training and resources you receive will help you take control of an active shooter situation, saving your life as well as the lives of others.

Taking Control of a Dangerous Situation

In an active shooter training class, you will be taught various things you can do to take control of a dangerous situation. These steps include:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Always know where the nearest exit to your location is.
  • Identify potential hazards or threats.
  • Always be on the look-out for a “safe haven”.
  • Be ready to take control of a situation if needed.

When an active shooter situation occurs, things will move extremely fast. It's important that you be fully aware of your surroundings and know where you will be able to go for safety at any given time. Be prepared to assist others as well.

It's also important to learn what constitutes a “dangerous” situation. Active shooter situations are only one of many different types of events that are often labeled dangerous. Different methods may be needed when trying to diffuse other situations. These can include a “jumper” from a building who may only be intent on hurting themselves or a fight that involves only a select group of individuals. It will be up to you to decide how you handle yourself in these types of situations.

Added Confidence

At Green Knight Security, the ultimate goal is to make sure you have the confidence you need to not only take control of the situation, but maintain that control until such time that law enforcement can take over or the active shooter situation has been diffused and the threat no longer exists. Your level of confidence will either cause people to listen to you or make them more fearful of the situation. If you are to be fully effective, you will need to have the confidence of a trained professional with the skills to maintain control of those around you. The training you receive through the classes offered by Green Knight Security will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to handle yourself in a scary situation.

Lifesaving Skills

While it can never be stressed enough that you should never approach an active shooter and make an attempt to disarm them, there are other lifesaving skills you can learn that will provide you with the protection you need to remain safe. A few of these include:

  • Identify safe areas.
  • Always know your surroundings.
  • Be aware of subtle changes in your environment.
  • Learn how to effectively control a crowd so people can be led to safety.
  • Firearms training where you learn to effectively aim and fire your weapon.

The skills you learn in an active shooter training class will serve you far beyond this one type of situation. You will learn how to apply these skills to a number of situations in which you find yourself or others in harm's way. Keeping your wits about you will show others that you have an understanding of the situation and are capable of doing what is needed to keep them safe.

Effective Communication Skills

In an active shooter situation, your communication skills must be on point both when communicating with law enforcement who are coming to your aid as well as when you are trying to keep those around you calm and under control. The details you provide to law enforcement and first responders must be as thorough and as accurate as possible. When dealing with those around you, always remaining calm and in control will provide them with a sense of security. This shows them that you are trying to keep them as safe as possible and that you know what you are doing. Effective communication is the key to saving your life as well as the lives of those around you.

Ability to Handle Any Situation

No matter what situation you find yourself in, an active shooter training certification will show that you have completed with and are comfortable using the lifesaving skills you have been taught. Your ability to handle any situation is extremely important, especially when others want someone to look up to who has the knowledge they may need to remain safe. Part of being able to handle any situation is having the information and skills that are needed. The other part is being able to use the knowledge and skills effectively. At Green Knight Security, the goal is to make sure you have everything you need and that using those skills is second nature.

Green Knight Security Active Training Certifications

To receive your active shooter training certification, several things must take place. First and foremost, you must complete the training. The next step is to show your teacher that you know and understand how to implement the skills and knowledge you have learned in the class. Not only must you pass a written exam, you must also complete various scenarios. The scenarios will simulate a variety of different active shooter situations you may find yourself in.

You must be able to use your skills and the knowledge you've received to bring the situation to a peaceful close. Your instructor will evaluate your progress and offer suggestions as needed. Once you have exhibited your ability to effectively handle yourself in even the most dangerous of situations, your instructor will award you with your certification. In many cases, your instructor may encourage you to complete the training again after a couple of years to make sure your skills stay sharp.

Active Shooter Training Certification Program Near Me

At Green Knight Security, active shooter training classes are available to anyone who is interested in receiving the skills they will need during a dangerous and stressful situation. If you work in a security position or just want to learn the lifesaving skills you need to save your family and friends in an active shooter situation, call Green Knight Security today at 844-457-8326 and sign up for one of their classes. The professionals at Green Knight Security are always available to answer your questions and provide you with recommendations on how you can improve your lifesaving skills and protect your family. By earning an active shooter training certification, you will have the skills and resources you need to take control of almost any type of dangerous situation. Don't delay!! Get signed up today and let the staff of Green Knight Security give you the confidence you need to handle an active shooter situation.