Security has become one of the primary concerns for businesses and homeowners. Hiring a reputable security company to provide that peace of mind and comfort is critical in the world today. Green Knight Security offers professional vehicle patrol services, drastically reducing break-ins and vandalism of your property and crimes against you. With highly visible patrols guided by intelligence, we deter potential crimes or risks to your assets or infrastructure. Our officers are well trained, uniformed and professional, using marked vehicles that are fully equipped to handle any emergencies and deter crime.

Our Patrols

We provide our clients with both night and day patrols, every day of the week, every hour of the day, including holidays. As our client, being covered will never be your worry as we aim to give you peace of mind about your business.

When you contract our patrol service, we usually perform several patrols each day, and every day of the week. During the patrol, our officer gets out of the car and walks around the property. As this is done, a thorough inspection of the area, windows, doors, and other facilities is carried out. During each stop at your premises, our officers take their time to ensure no space is left without inspection.

What Makes Our Patrols Successful?

For us to succeed in the industry, there must be a few things we do right! Some of the things that make our services useful are:

Our Branded Vehicles

Our Green Knight Security officers are well trained to patrol both residential and business premises. Our patrols not only protect your property, but they act as deterrence against attacks on it. This means we take proactive measures to protect you and your property instead of reactive. When potential criminals see our well-branded patrol vehicle around your premises, it deters them from attempting anything.

Random Patrols

Criminals monitor the premises before they attack. If they learn of the pattern of doing things, it is an advantage for them and will accomplish their mission easily. Fortunately, our officers are aware of this strategy, and we work towards confusing the potential criminals. Our patrol times are not based on a detectable pattern. Every night and day, we design different patrol times, making it impossible to predict our officer’s movements. This makes it challenging for a criminal to plan his or her next attack because they do not know when and where the officers will be as they attack.


For a security firm to successfully prevent crime, they must ensure they are visible. Visibility during the day is possible because our officers are uniformed and have numbers that identify them. Additionally, we make sure our vehicles are branded and visible from a distance.

One of the most critical elements of our firm is maintaining integrity. One particular way of doing that is ensuring our officers obey the laws of the state and all traffic rules in carrying out of their duties. Police officers can easily spot our officers if they break any rule or regulation because they are visible.

When our officers notice anything suspicious, the officer on the scene addresses the issue and ensures to report it appropriately. If performing the patrol at night, Green Knight officers ensure they stay visible. This is achievable by having overhead flashing lights and spotlights. These are especially necessary when responding to an incident or in having our presence known.


Communication is one of the primary elements of success. Understanding this, Green Knight Security prioritizes how information is passed between officers, the police force, or our client. In ensuring effective communication, we equip our officers with two-way radio and laptops. These are essential tools for communicating with the Dispatch Center.

Once a call is made to our Dispatch Center by a client, the dispatch team looks for the appropriate vehicle on patrol and relays the information. Based on the information received, the officer on patrol responds appropriately.

When our officers respond to an incident or make a patrol visit, they are expected to give a comprehensive report. This is made easy because we have an online system for making such reports.


We take our relationship with our clients seriously. As a result, the report by every patrol officer that visits your property is generated and automatically shared with you. The report typically includes the activities of the patrol officer and what was found if they were responding.


Being reactive means, you have to wait for something or incident to occur for you to respond. Well, we don’t believe this to be the smartest way to do things. Our Green Knight patrol officers are mindful of their clients and jobs. This means we are more proactive when approaching our patrols than reactive. We believe that we cannot wait for issues to come up instead;, we put measures in place to prevent their happening.

Our Other Strengths

Aside from the elements discussed above that make our vehicle patrols a success, we have other strengths that enhance our service delivery.

We have heavily invested in our vehicles to ensure our clients receive the best of our services. When choosing our cars, we made sure that they are the best suitable patrol vehicles, just like the ones used by the police. Our vehicles are also well equipped and full-size, similar to regular police patrol cars.

Our vehicles are well fitted with the latest technology in communication systems, have emergency lighting, and a GPS tracking system for 24 hours. When patrolling your property, our overhead lights are flashing. This sends a message we are at the scene. This also indicates that protecting your facility is critical to us as well as your peace of mind.

Our patrol vehicles are well branded, making our logo recognizable on the highways and streets. Criminals when they spot our car they know we are serious and will not attempt their plans while regular persons in the area are secure by our presence.

Green Knight Security also offers tailor-made patrol services to commercial businesses, government facilities, and property companies. We sit down with our clients and discuss their security needs and give a comprehensive report of our findings. We further design an advanced solution that answers to their questions and gives them peace and confidence. Earning our client’s trust is crucial for us. For this reason, we ensure our solutions are well thought and work reliably.

While the police are doing an excellent job, the increase in population and report of incidents has made them more reactive than proactive. The number of calls they receive reporting incidences is high and overwhelming. The officers on the streets are nearly not enough to meet every demand adequately. This means their response time is increased, and their ability to provide community patrols has diminished with the strain in their resources.

Green Knight Security patrol officers can bridge the gap in security created by inadequate police presence. Our services are available to you 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, including holidays. As you go on with your regular schedule, you are assured your assets are well guarded, including yourself. If our officers encounter a suspicious individual or activity near you, we challenge the situation and document it. We communicate any criminal activities to the police, while ensuring we provide you with continuous emergency response and safety. Your employees will give their best knowing they are secure, your customers or residents of your premises will feel comfortable as well.

Another strength we pride ourselves in is the well-trained dispatch team. Anytime you call our dispatch center, there is always a person ready to answer you, but not an answering service or machine. Our team is trained to handle stressful situations and knows the right questions to ask you and ensure excellent response.

Additionally, our patrol officers are never subcontracted, but are directly employed by us. We ran a detailed background check with anyone we are trusting to keep your assets secure. We also make sure they are trained to handle various situations and problem-solving techniques. Any officer working with us is also fully licensed, enhancing our trust in them. Our officers will also never visit any premises without a uniform. The uniform we provide is distinct, professional and bears our logo.

If any concern or complaint is reported, we ensure professionalism is practiced at all times as we handle the situation. For any security concern reported, our patrol officers stay alert and monitor the area to ensure it is safe.

Our response to reports is immediate. We readily respond to emergencies as we communicate with the local police department, EMS, or fire departments and ensure increased safety. Our officers are trained to work with the police professionally, ensuring you always have peace and are safe. Our vehicle patrols are effective and affordable in establishing community safety, government facility, or commercial center safety.

Get Excellent Security Patrol Services Near Me

It is evident that getting vehicle patrol services for your property is sensible and a smart move. Deterring crime is better than reacting to it, and that is one of the primary goals of our patrol services. Whether you are running a retail store, a laundromat, a factory, or in your residential home, every aspect is ideal for having a patrol officer enhance your security. If you are in Los Angeles, call Green Knight Security at 844-457-8326 to help find the best solution for you.