College campuses and institutions that offer higher education require a unique level of security. Much like the security offered to elementary, middle, and high schools, the security must be effective without being obstructive. At Green Knight Security, the highly skilled security professionals have many years of experience, many of which are in a school or institutional setting. If you are interested in learning more about how you can protect your students and add an effective layer of security, call 844-457-8326 today and set up an evaluation.

Addressing the Security Needs of a College Campus

College and university campuses are unique when it comes to providing security. The presence of security officers should be visible but not overwhelming. With students and faculty constantly on the move, security must be fully present but not in the way. While having security officers on the property is a must, other effective options include indoor/outdoor video surveillance, door and entry sensors, and strategically placed motion detectors can help to protect against vandalism and break-ins. Maintaining proper lighting is also essential.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an effective way of monitoring areas where a physical presence may be unwanted or considered intrusive. Hallways in dormitories are a good example. Large open areas outside, including parks and parking lots, can also effectively be monitored with the use of video surveillance. While it's important to have a physical presence in these areas, having too many security guards on hand at one time can make students and faculty uncomfortable.

Plainclothes vs Uniformed Security

A mixture of plainclothes and uniformed security works best for most college campuses. With uniformed security officers patrolling the outside and the perimeter of the property and plainclothes officers working inside the building and in a monitoring station, you will have a multi-level security system that allows the students a chance to be young adults and faculty the opportunity to work in a safe and controlled environment.

Using a combination of plainclothes and uniformed security officers can also act as a deterrent if someone is intent on starting trouble. After a while, the members of the security staff will be more recognizable and will be able to blend in more completely with the surroundings. Having both uniformed and plainclothes security staff allows students to feel comfortable in their environment while knowing the officers are there if and when they are ever needed. Having plainclothes officers interacting with the students on a personal level increases the feeling of being in a secure and protected environment.

Creating a Rapport with Students and Faculty

For any security program to be a success, it is essential that there be a positive rapport between the security team and those who work and study on and off campus. The security professionals at Green Knight Security understand how important it is to work within the establishment they are trying to protect. With that being said, every attempt is made to create a positive working relationship between their staff and the students and faculty members they serve. To be truly effective, both sides much respect and trust one another.

Establishing both trust and respect within the group will allow the security officers to do their jobs more effectively. When trust issues arise, it is imperative that students, faculty, and Green Knight Security professionals get together to address the problem as soon as possible. No one wants to feel on edge. By using input from the students as well as the teachers, the Green Knight Security team can create the perfect solution for the college or university in question.

Enlisting the Support of the Staff and Student Body

In a college or university setting, the ultimate goal is to ensure the students and faculty members are safe at all times. Enlisting the support of the staff and student body allows them to play a first-hand role in their own protection. This can include offering recommendations about keeping doors and windows locked at all times, using the buddy system when walking across campus after dark, and reporting anyone who is not recognized as a member of the staff/student body or is acting out of character.

With the help of the student body and staff, the security officers of Green Knight Security will be better able to perform their duties without disrupting classes or being in the way. Much like Neighborhood Watch programs, encouraging students to be mindful of their environment teaches them to be both observant and cautious. This will serve them well as they leave college and move on to bigger and better things in life.

Self-Defense Training Options

One of the best ways to keep students and faculty safe is to teach responsible, self-defense training that will allow each person to protect themselves to the best of their physical ability. The staff at Green Knight Security offer self-defense training and can help each student and faculty member learn the basics of how to protect themselves in the event of a home-intrusion or physical attack of any kind.

By teaching self-defense tactics to those on campus, it will provide the security officers an opportunity to interact with each person in the class. They can help improve their skills or allow them to practice the tactics they already know. Another benefit of offering self-defense training is that the skills that are learned will benefit the students throughout their lifetime not just while they are at college. Encouraging students and faculty members to attend classes give them a sense of personal power and independence. This, in turn, boosts their confidence and may actually give them the self-esteem and enthusiasm to work harder in class.

Every college and university is different in terms of the type of security that is needed. Instead of trying to handle every situation in-house, it may be in the best interest of the school to hire a security team that understands the unique problems a large campus environment might experience. At Green Knight Security, the staff members have worked in many different environments, including prisons, large events/concerts, individual protection situations, and law enforcement. There isn't a lot of scenarios they haven't experienced or trained for.

Hiring the Best School and College Security Team Near Me

When you are ready to talk to the professionals at Green Knight Security, simply call their office at 844-457-8326 to schedule a full evaluation. They can walk the perimeter of the facility and identify potential security risks that you may need to be aware. Once they have the information they need, the security team will put together a proposal that identifies those potential threats and offers a solution to each one that will keep your students, faculty members, and property safe and secure at all times. Don't wait until something happens to ensure your facility has the security it needs. Talk to the reputable security team at Green Knight Security today so you can have your security system and patrol teams in place. Make the call today! Your students will thank you for it!