Your security should always be your top priority. Whether you are protecting yourself, your home, your business, your family, or your friends, you must have both the know-how as well as the resources to make sure everything is secure. Inglewood residents can get the security they need with just one phone call to Green Knight Security. Call 844-457-8326 to talk to a highly trained security professional. They can help you assess your security needs and offer you the security plan you need so you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Levels of Security

There are three primary types of security, personal, commercial, and residential. Personal security options include bodyguards, surveillance systems, and self-defense training that you can use if you ever feel threatened or in a position where you need to protect others. Active shooter training and self-defense classes are essential if you want to make sure you are protected in any type of situation. In today's world, you never know when you will need to protect yourself of those nearest to you.

Commercial security options can include uniformed and plainclothes patrols, video surveillance/monitoring, security systems with alarms, and 24-hour guards posted at entry points. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may require individual guards to participate in the delivery of confidential paperwork or expensive items.

When it comes to residential security, the professionals at GKS can create a customized home security plan that will keep your family and home secure all hours of the day or night. A home security evaluation will allow you to identify potential areas where your home may be at risk. The professional staff will help you take the appropriate actions to secure your home and protect your family.

Security Options for Educational Facilities and Campuses

Schools and college campuses have unique security needs. Not only is it essential to protect both everyone in attendance, but it is also important that activities and routines must not be disrupted or inhibited in any way. For this reason alone, many schools have chosen to hire plainclothes security professionals to patrol the halls and the grounds while being as inconspicuous as possible.

While uniformed guards are often present outside the buildings on campus grounds, the presence of plainclothes officers is less likely to instill fear or cause concern. In addition to having security professionals onsite, it is also a good idea to have video surveillance in all public access areas of the property. This will help to identify any unauthorized visitors from gaining access to closed areas of the school.

Active Shooter and Self Defense Training

Active shooter and self-defense training are beneficial for everyone of all ages. Both men and women alike can learn to protect themselves. Every day, we step into a world of uncertainty. While most days are uneventful, you need to be fully prepared for any type of environment you may find yourself in. The trained staff of Green Knight Security will give you the resources and training you need to be fully protected.

You will learn how to assess your surroundings. You will learn to identify potential exits or hiding places in the event of an active shooter situation. You will be taught how to defend yourself from various types of physical attacks. As part of your training, you will be taught how to use certain weapons so you will always have the upper hand in the event that you are caught in an altercation and have no other choice but to defend yourself. The ultimate goal is to give you the confidence you need to handle yourself in any type of situation.

Trained Professionals

The trained professionals of the Green Knight team have many years of experience in their chosen field. Some have worked within the prison system. Others are former law enforcement officers. We also have former bodyguards and military personnel who have the necessary training to teach a wide selection of classes for individuals of all ages. They can provide training for all skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced classes.

When it comes to securing your property, Green Knight's security team are highly trained when it comes to creating personalized security systems for both homes and businesses. Once a security evaluation has been performed, they can take that information and create a security system that provides you with all of the tools and resources you need to fully protect your property. From 24-hour, professionally monitored video surveillance to onsite patrols, they can help you find the best solution for your needs at an affordable price.

Courier Service

One of the biggest problems for many businesses is transporting confidential documents or valuable assets. Health records, financial documents, legal contracts, jewelry, and priceless artifacts are things that hold substantial value and cannot be replaced once they have been lost or stolen. The professionals at GKS offer security details that can travel along with your shipments to ensure that they arrive at their intended destination on time and in the appropriate condition.

In most cases, valuable items like paintings or jewelry are heavily insured. Insurance companies may require that items of substantial value be protected by a detail of security professionals to help keep the risk of loss low. The trained professionals at GKS have the necessary training and experience to be able to handle these types of jobs to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Commitment to Excellence

GKS is committed to excellence on every level. While each member of the staff has many years of experience within their chosen field, they still receive additional training to ensure they have up-to-date information on laws and regulations that allow them to provide the highest level of security possible to each of the clients they serve. Whether it be onsite patrols or third-party surveillance, each client gets a personalized security plan that is designed to meet their needs.

When it comes to personal security, the Green Knight staff are unwavering in their commitment to providing you with the best training possible. The classes they provide for active shooter training and personal self-defense, are in-depth and designed to provide each participant as much information as possible. The goal is to give them the skills and confidence to handle themselves in even the most dangerous of situations.

If you reside in the Inglewood, CA area and want to learn more about Green Knight Security and the services they offer, call their office at 844-457-8326. Schedule a consultation so you can find out what you can do to protect yourself, your business and your home. They have the knowledge and experience to work in almost any type of situation and environment. Their professionalism and commitment to providing the best possible security solutions make them second to none in the industry. No matter where you live in Southern California, Green Knight Security is close by and willing to help you personalize the security service you want for your home or business.