Green Knight Security is a full service security company that offers personal security options, executive protection, loss prevention plans and more to its clients. Being in the security business for over 15 years has taught us how to operate quickly and efficiently without jeopardizing professionalism and customer service. Once we take on a new client, we dedicate ourselves to providing them with the highest quality of service possible. If you are located in Covina, California and in need of a security company who has the experience and knowledge to handle any situation, call Green Knight Security today at 844-457-8326. After speaking to one of our specially trained security officers, you will see why companies who sign with us come back year after year.

Our Security Services

At Green Knight Security, many of our employees have military and law enforcement experience. We are specially trained and have many resources available to us that will allow us to keep you and your property safe and secure at all times. With our strong law enforcement background, we are well versed in the law and have a firm understanding of what we can and cannot do while on the job. As a full-service security company, our job is to both serve and protect the things our clients hold most dear. Whether it is a family member or the family business, we have you covered. We have worked with individuals in both the public and private sectors. Whether you are wanting a security plan for your home or a complete security package for your place of business, we have exactly what you need as well as the resources to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. We provide all of these things in addition to round-the-clock service and a 100% money back guarantee.

Personal Security

Our security guards are trained to provide personal security on an individual basis or for groups. We are available 24/7/365 days a year. When it comes to one on one protection, our security guards are able to provide the best service possible. We go above and beyond what most security companies offer because we have the resources and the skills to do what needs to be done, no matter what the circumstances. Personal security requires a high level of trust and respect between the guard and the client. Our reputation serves us well in that aspect. Once a client hires us for an assignment, they return again and again because we don't just protect them. We build a rapport that is based on trust and integrity. Residents in the Covina, California area receive the same professional service as our clients in the bigger cities. Each person who hires our company becomes a part of our security family. We do make sure everyone who comes to us for help gets the best service possible, no matter what capacity or type of security is needed. From residential neighborhood security systems to corporate security packages that are tailor made to include all or a large number of our services, we have what you need, when you need it and where you need it. Call us today at 844-457-8326!! Our staff members are ready to help you take your first steps to complete and ultimate protection.

Executive Protection (Private Security Protection)

While personal protection is one that involves utmost trust and responsibility, executive protection involves professional protocols that many companies require. Confidentiality is taken to the next level and our goal is to provide our clients with the security they desire at an affordable cost. In some cases, protection for upper level management may require teams of guards. We are capable of handling any size detail. Our team can create a security plan that is able to provide the maximum level of security, any time and any place that you need us to be. Our Executive Division can offer security in many of the following ways:

  • VIP event protection.
  • Launching of product lines.
  • Crowd control for large entertainment events.
  • Surveillance.
  • Surveillance in the workplace.
  • Celebrity security.
  • Highly publicized events involving celebrities or public officials.
  • Taking possession of and locking up properties.
  • Personal service of subpoenas and summons and complaints.

At Green Knight Security, we are capable of providing individual or group details in addition to full-scale security for the protection of entire companies. Our security guards are trained to meet your company's specific needs. We can create a security plan that involves onsite security for the premises as well as personal security for members of your company that travel on both domestic trips and abroad. Our guards are able to pass security clearances on several levels. Each of our guards understand the importance of both confidentiality and professionalism and hold both to the highest standard.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention saves companies millions of dollars of year. From huge retail stores to large corporations who have trade secrets that must be protected at all costs. As part of our Loss Prevention program, we offer the following:

  • Surveillance.
  • Interrogation.
  • Patrol services.
  • Uniformed security guards.
  • Investigations.
  • Consulting and training services for companies who want to create their own, in-house security program.

We offer protection to companies who are holding major events, as well as providing protection for foreign dignitaries who may be visiting the facility from another country. We are capable of providing video surveillance in all areas that allow certain events or transactions to be monitored.


Our investigative divisions provide services on both personal and professional levels. Our security guards are able to investigate divorces, child custody cases, infidelity cases, and family disappearances. Our agents are often hired by insurance companies to investigate specific claims. We work with large corporations to help uncover employee infractions and theft. We are capable of using the utmost discretion and have access to many resources that will help us to uncover the information we need to solve the case. We are able of creating customized surveillance plans and protection programs that will address all of your company's needs.

24/7/365 Security

Our goal is to provide prompt and professional service at a moment's notice. We understand that events arise when we least expect them. Whether you are planning a major corporate event or have a family emergency that came up suddenly, our guards and professional security personnel have the ability to be available whenever and wherever you need us. We work holidays, weekends, and overnight. Our goal is to make ourselves available when the need arises. We would rather help you have a verified security plan in place so that you do not have to worry about your next step should be. Our round-the-clock protection and security details provide top-notch service that is completely confidential and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We don't play around with your safety.

Large companies who require round-the-clock surveillance can call us to create an effective security plan that offers 24 hour protection across the board. We understand how important your business is to you and we want to make sure that your business is protected. Our plans can include:

  • 24 hour patrols around the perimeter of the property.
  • Video surveillance both inside the facility and on the outside as well.
  • Security guards posted at entrances and throughout the building in chosen areas.
  • Security checkpoints that screen visitors to classified areas of the property.
  • Investigative teams who work with members of management if any type of unlawful activity is being perpetrated on the property.
  • Interviewing and interrogation services for screening new hires.
  • Loss prevention counseling and training to ensure as little revenue is lost through theft and other types of malfeasance.

Our goal is to provide each client with a level of service that is unmatched by our rival security companies. We know what needs to be done and are willing to do whatever it takes to make confidentiality and professional service the most important aspects of our service.

Whether you need personal protection services or a corporate security program, Green Knight Security is the premier security agency in the Covina, California area. Call our office at 844-457-8326 and talk to one of our staff today. We offer fast, efficient, professional service to each of our clients, whether you are a corporate mogul or an average person needing an extra hand with a home security plan. We offer reasonable payment plans and our prices are the best in the Covina area. Our guards are available no matter what time of day or night to help you take of yourself and your business. Call us today at 844-457-8326 to talk to one of our reputable staff members! We will above and beyond to make sure you and your property are fully protected!