You never think you'll be the victim of an active shooter situation. The fact is these situations are occurring at an increasingly fast rate, and there are no 'safe' areas where they are not possible. Today attending school, going to a music festival, heading out for a bite to eat or anywhere in public can put you at risk of an active shooter.

You can make a difference in these terrible times by becoming a survivor and not a victim. Being prepared and thinking quickly can be the difference between life and death for not only you but for your family, friends, and others.

One significant area targeted for active shooters are our schools. CNN reported that only twenty-one weeks into 2018 resulted in twenty-three school shootings. This number represents more than one shooting a week where someone was either hurt or killed. The parameters used in their findings were:

  • Shootings happening on school grounds.
  • Shootings involving at least one other person other than the shooter.
  • Shootings that were a result of an accidental discharge as long as the incident included one other person than the gun owner and that it happened on school grounds.
  • Shootings involved kindergarten through the college level and included gang and domestic violence as well as fights.

The truth is, active shooter incidents can happen anywhere. Healthcare facilities present a real challenge with the number of vulnerable patients and the hazardous materials on site. There is not one single method to use when responding to these types of dangerous situations, but planning ahead and knowing your options will help keep you safer.

What Defines an Active Shooter?

The United States government including the Department of Homeland Security defines an individual that is actively attempting to kill others in a confined and populated area as an active shooter. This individual uses a firearm to kill as many as possible within the perimeter of the area they've chosen.

They further define a mass killing as three or more people killed during a single event. Public mass shootings are when three or more individuals are either killed or wounded, excluding the shooter. An emergency action plan and training exercises are vitally important should an active shooter event occur near you.

Green Knight Security offers interactive training sessions that put you in various scenarios and allows you to participate in mock-up attacks. You will be given the resources and tools necessary to learn how to react if you ever find yourself in an active shooter incident.

How to React During a Violent Event

The Department of Homeland Security has come up with measures for you to follow to help you know how to react during a violent event. The first step is to sign up for an Active Shooter Training course. You always have to be aware of your surroundings and any signs of possible danger. Know where the nearest exits in any area are and have an escape plan in mind or places where you can safely hide.

Your initial reactions to a situation involving an active shooter can save your life. Learn how to recognize the sound of a gun and call 911 as soon as possible. Remaining calm will help you escape this event and being able to calm others can save them as well.

Getting yourself away from the shooter should be your top priority and do not worry about taking any belongings with you. If possible, help others, but if they are unwilling to follow, do not put yourself in danger, get to a safe location. Once you have gotten away, you need to warn others and prevent them from becoming targets. Call 911 and describe the shooter if you can along with their location and type of weapons being used.

If you can't get away safely, you need to hide and stay out of the shooters way. Make sure you've silenced any electronic devices on your person that would give your location away. If possible, you should communicate with officials through texting or go to social media to tag your location. Stay safely out of harm’s way until authorities arrive.

Fighting is a last resort, but if forced into a confrontation, commit to your actions and make them aggressive. You have to prepare yourself for the fact that you may have to cause severe or lethal injury to the shooter. Once authorities arrive on the scene, you need to keep your hands empty and visible. Follow their instructions and evacuate where and when they direct you.

Taking care of yourself is the first priority and then helping others that may have been injured. Do what you have been trained in or know how to perform in caring for wounds while waiting for first responders to arrive. When the situation is under control, and you return to everyday life, you should consider seeking professional help to cope with the long-term effects this trauma will have caused.

Active Shooter Training

Active shooter training involves training for various scenarios. You never know where the next delusional individual is going to choose to make their stand. An event could happen when you go to pick your child up at school, or discharging a loved one from a hospital. You could find yourself in danger while shopping at the mall or going out anywhere in a public area that contains a lot of people.

An incident occurred in San Bernardino, California in September of 2018. During a dice game in an apartment complex, police responded to an active shooter at the complex. Eight people had been shot, and two victims were in extremely critical condition. There was no proven motive which resulted in multiple weapons being fired in an exchange of gunfire.

Another incident involving an active shooter occurred at the Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center in Downey, CA in September. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responded to reports of gunfire and had to clear the building room by room. These recent situations show that danger can occur in any location and at any time.

During active shooter training, you will be put into different situations where an active shooter could appear and work as a team with trained professionals to come up with the best possible solution to respond to the threat of danger. You will learn how to safely disarm a shooter and hopefully bring a peaceful end to the event.

Several options will be given as no two events will play out the same. You will want to have options depending on how the individual is acting to know how you will react. Knowing life-saving measures are vital in order for you to act in a moment's notice.

Whether you find yourself in a dangerous situation at a school, or in a business environment, it will become a perilous and frightening event. Receiving active shooter training will help you deal with different settings and how circumstances can change quickly so you can react appropriately. You can learn life-saving skills that will enable you to act faster in the event of an emergency.

Active Shooter Training Course Near Me

Contact Green Knight Security at 844-457-8326 to begin your training today. We can provide you the skills needed to hasten your responses and take control of an active shooter situation to maintain a safe environment until the authorities arrive.