Armed Protective Driver Services

Armed ProtectiveDriver Services

When you require the best armed protective driver Los Angeles offers, turn to Green Knight Security. Our qualified team of security personnel is experienced in offering excellent transportation security for heads of state, VIPs, executives, corporations, families, and high-value cargo and assets. Whatever you want to safeguard, we can take you there safely.

We are not limousine drivers or chauffeurs you will find by searching online. Instead, we are seasoned active and retired law enforcement officers experienced in the field.

All our protective drivers undergo qualification assessments, thorough background checks, and a mandatory security training program. As part of our employee development program, our drivers receive recurring training on basic medical and customer service skills to ensure they understand the industry’s best practices and offer top-notch services. That set us apart from other security service providers in Los Angeles.

We will begin by meeting with you to understand your needs, the security you seek, what/who you are moving with, and your assignment’s duration. Then, we will bring our training and expertise to develop and implement a plan to securely transport you from one point to the other and offer you the peace of mind that will permit you to pay attention to what matters to you most.

Thanks to our team of devoted managers, coordinators, and chauffeurs, we are a one-stop solution for your secured ground travel needs. The section below discusses some of the services we offer.

Executive Chauffeur and Security Driver Services

Typically, most attacks on principals occur around and in motor vehicles. Ground transportation can be more hazardous than you realize, and motorists should provide more security. While driving proficiency is paramount, it only scratches the surface of the value your security driver can offer.

We protect celebrities, VIPs, and business people and have the expertise and knowledge to mitigate potential vulnerabilities and hazards. Whether you want to be picked up from a given location or greet your fans at the airport, you can rest assured that you have nothing to worry about in an unfamiliar place.

We transport our clients in luxurious cars, boosting their safety and comfort standards. We also take measures to avoid the risks involved in transporting an executive. Our armed protective drivers conduct pre-mission planning and leverage ongoing oversight and threat monitoring equipment, enhancing our situational awareness even on the road.

We understand that time is money for you. We provide a conducive environment that allows you to concentrate on your laptop or phone while seated in the backseat instead of worrying about traffic jams. Additionally, our security drivers can help you avoid occurrences that can lead to delays on the road and prevent you from attending your business meeting.

We also offer real-time tracking GPS and CCTV cameras for convoy vehicles.

Family Transportation and Armed Security Drivers

Are you planning to go on vacation? Are you looking forward to spending quality time with your loved one? You do not have to worry about paying costly airport parking fees, keeping track of your loved ones, or dragging your bags from the parking lot to the check-in gate. Green Knight Security can drive your family, so you can begin relaxing once we arrive. We understand that nothing is more...

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Special Event Transportation Services

Planning for a special event is exciting. For most people, it is one of the best days of their lives. However, after choosing fun parts like the event or décor, there are many other things to worry about, like transportation. At Green Knight Security, we understand that finding secure transportation can be challenging, especially when you prefer to travel discreetly, safely, and in...

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Experienced Coordinators

Our seasoned ground transportation planners can make your event stand out. Even small details make all the difference when planning a large group event. Whether taking your guests on a special sightseeing tour in executive coaches or whisking key speakers to your conference in luxurious sedans, our drivers will ensure all attendees receive an unforgettable travel experience. Your group’s needs are our top priority, and our excellent customer service and qualified drivers will ensure you make a great impression and represent the excellence you stand for.

Our staff is experienced in coordinating transportation needs for groups of all sizes. With our round-the-clock phone support and several methods to make reservations or receive a quote, you can change your reservation, book transportation services, or inquire. Our pocket-friendly rates, knowledgeable planners, friendly armed protective chauffeurs, and well-maintained fleet make us the ideal choice for your transportation needs.

Experienced Coordinators

High-Value Cargo and Asset Security

High-Value Cargo and Asset Security

High-value cargo is expensive goods that cost several hundred dollars. Some of the commonly transported high-value cargo include:

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • High-tech electronics and telecommunications.
  • Conveyors and food processor systems.
  • Branded clothing.
  • Precious metals.
  • Historical objects and artwork.
  • Highly confidential documents.
  • Hazmat.
  • Robotics and mainframe servers.
  • Customized home furnishings and furniture.
  • Cash, credit cards, and currency.

Suppose merchandise is stolen at any point (highway, storage facility, truck stop, wharf, warehouse, or terminal) from the point of origin to the final destination. In that case, it is known as high-value cargo (HVC) theft. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that cargo theft-related losses account for about $15 to $30 billion annually.

High-value cargo transportation does not need to be complicated. At Green Knight Security, we recognize the importance of mitigating the risks of transporting HVC. When you hire us, you can trust our dedication to upholding values like technical expertise, discretion, and reliability.

Our dedication to the security and safety of your freight starts with understanding the requirements of your specific shipment and the cautiously developed standards of care, working with well-trained security drivers, using our innovative “forensic dispatch” approach to every shipment, and ending with the unscathed, effortless, and safe on-time delivery of the prestigious product.

Our drivers are equipped with the rigorous safety and operational standards required when transporting high-security and high-value goods and offer personalized account support to comply with your stringent guidelines.

Most providers sign contracts and standards of care and file them away. Our team seeks to understand your needs and business objectives meticulously and works with our qualified team and suitable carriers to support your company as requested.

Once we have met your meticulous expectations, we will not stop there. Our core is safety in all elements, including:

  • Special storage in a locked area with camera surveillance for definitive monitoring and security of your high-value cargo.
  • Transporting your cargo or asset in hard plastic boxes or specially sealed valuable containers with aluminum doors to protect your cargo.
  • Allows making reservations through online ebooking.
  • Escort from the place of origin to the destination.
  • Delivery at destination against the signature of an authorized consignee.
  • Loading services secured with seals.
  • Supervision of loading and unloading procedures by security agents.
  • Delivery at the aircraft before flight departure, ensuring prompt turnaround times and efficient cargo handling.
  • Real-time GPS locations.
  • Photographic evidence of movements.

We also understand that specific times or even days of the week are better avoided, especially when transporting fragile products. For instance, loading high-value freight like laptops and televisions late at night is asking for trouble. Some of the services we offer to reduce the risk of loss and damage include the following:

  • Temperature control settings.
  • Blanket wrap transportation.
  • Expedited service.
  • Straps and pads within our cars.
  • Liftgate capability.

Airport Chauffeur Services

The team at Green Knight Security prides itself on offering the best airport chauffeur services. We know that airport transportation goes beyond a ride, and when travel is part of your weekly work routine, the moments you gain through our car airport service are priceless. With our reliable services, you can rest assured that your experience with us will always be the same, regardless of your pick-up point or destination.

Your safety is our priority. Our responsibility is to take you to your destination promptly and safely, which is why our chauffeurs are not just drivers. We employ active and retired law enforcers with demonstrated skills in safe driving, communication, proactiveness, and attention to detail. Every chauffeur is insured, licensed, and vetted. Quality surveys constantly monitor their performance and behavior, and we use trainers to ensure all your ride details meet our quality standards.

Other reasons why you should hire us include the following:

  • We provide a reliable and speedy door-to-door service to all airports.
  • Our services are available around the clock.
  • Our armed chauffeurs monitor flights in real time, ensuring they greet and pick you up on time.
  • Huge, luxurious cars to ensure your style and comfort.
  • Reliable communications between chauffeurs and dispatch through phone.

If you must catch a flight the following day, do not worry. Our courteous and professional armed protective drivers can aid you in arriving at any airport in Los Angeles easily and quickly. It does not matter whether it is in the wee hours of the night or early in the morning. Our 24/7 services are ready for you whenever you need them. We will ensure you arrive on time so you do not have to be hurried or stressed about your check-in.

Our fleet of modern sedans, energy-efficient hybrid cars, executive vans, luxury motor coaches, SUVs, limousines, and mini-coaches is well-maintained, immaculate, and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and technology, making the ride more enjoyable.

Contact us at 844-457-8326 to request our reservation professionals help you choose the motor vehicle that meets your transportation needs.

Employee Shuttle Secured Transportation Services

As an employer, you are responsible for getting your employees into the office on time and effortlessly. In Los Angeles, public transportation and parking challenges can make it hard for individuals to arrive home from work as easily as they or you would like.

By hiring our services, your company can save significant fuel costs and mileage, reduce road traffic, and offer your employees a service that meets modern health guidelines.

Every company has unique needs and requirements to ensure employees get the most out of their transportation solutions. That is why our armed drivers will listen to you and customize a solution that meets your needs, considering the right chauffeurs, bus type, and best routes. We provide the same degree of service whether your staff is traveling alone or with a client.

We can accommodate groups of different sizes, and our cars are corporate-friendly, with state-of-the-art amenities to host video and audio presentations. That means you can work even when you are on the go and prepare your staff for a meeting while our professional drivers safely drive you. We hire the best-on-ground and livery transportation. Our team can offer assistance during your drive by opening doors, helping with your belongings and luggage, and providing the utmost courtesy, discreetness, privacy, and security.

Please sit back and relax in an ample seat, plug in your device, connect it to Wi-Fi, and let us handle the traffic while you conduct business on your drive to work.

Transporting corporate means our safety and security records should be impeccable, and they are. Our cars have dash-cams to monitor travel, and satellites track them in real-time. Our armed drivers also undergo state licensing, drug-testing programs, strict background clearance, and ongoing training.

We also take responsibility for keeping our cars sanitized and clean. That is why we sanitize, deep-clean, and disinfect our vehicles after every trip. It includes paying attention to frequently touched surfaces like seat handles and handrails.

Escorting your Children
(Your Most Valuable Asset)

Your children are your most valuable asset and with Green Knight Security you can rest assured, we will protect and drive your children to the destination safely and securely.

We have experience driving children from point A to point B, with friendly drivers who will protect them at all costs. Our drivers are former and active law enforcement. They are the epitome of professionalism and know exactly what to do to avoid dangerous situations, and keep your children safe.

We are able to drive your children to any activities such as:

Going to a concert or event
Going to a concert or event
On a date
On a date
Rides to parties
Rides to parties
Escort them shopping
Escort them shopping
Even custody drop offs
Even custody drop offs

Our armed protective driver services make the ride a delightful experience for everyone by integrating your child’s fun, and safety, with your peace of mind.

We offer Los Angeles residents the opportunity to experience world-class, secure driver services that suit their budgets.

We would love to show you what we offer and for you to meet our professional team. Our drivers are former and active trained law enforcement who are prompt, friendly, and caring experts who can help individuals needing reliable, safe, and systematic transportation.

Contact a Skilled Armed Protective Transportation Service Provider Near Me

Contact a Skilled Armed Protective Transportation <span>Service Provider Near Me

Everyone has unique security needs, especially when traveling around Los Angeles. With bustling crowds, open areas, and unsecured spaces, ground transportation can be risky, making added protection for your safety and privacy a must-have. Green Knight Security was established with the devotion to offer the highest degree of protection, and our armed protective driver service is an extension of our excellence and dedication. We do it because it makes us proud. It is an opportunity for our highly motivated professionals with customer care skills and tactical security strategies to protect families, executives, celebrities, corporations, and high-value goods.

Knowledgeable, qualified, vetted, and experienced in protective processes and procedures, our security drivers will safely take you to your desired destination. No assignment is too small or too big. Please contact us at 844-457-8326 to get answers to your questions and book our ground travel services.

Our Security Services are Available 24/7

Green Knight Security

We recognize that security problems don't just arise during regular business hours, which is why Green Knight Security is always available around the clock to serve you. Our unarmed and armed security personnel, as well as off-duty law enforcement officers, are always available to attend to you regardless of the time of day.

Our security firm aims to deliver unrivaled, personalized security for every customer. We make it a priority to learn about and meet the specific needs of all our clients. For the successful operation of our firm, we have recruited and nurtured a diverse and highly skilled team. We take immense pride in being able to ensure our customers' security, trust, and absolute integrity.

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Our professionals at Green Knight Security follow a traditional, high-quality, and extremely innovative style of customer care. With decades of experience, our team members offer new ideas and a strong dedication to our client-centered philosophy. Our dedication to knowledge and commitment to providing consistently better service has led to a standard of service that is unmatched by our competitors. We are eager to hear from you and respond to your inquiries. Call us now at 844-457-8326 to speak with one of our representatives.