Hospitals and healthcare facilities pose unique challenges for a security company. While it's not difficult to secure the premises and protect the residents, each resident has specific rights when it comes to their healthcare and what happens to both them, as well as their information and medical records. Any facility that operates under the rules and protocols associated with healthcare laws must be secured in such a way that each patient's rights are protected and their medical information is secure. Privacy and confidentiality are the main priorities. You can find all of the answers to your security questions by calling the professional staff of Green Knight Security at 844-457-8326.


With the introduction of HIPAA by the federal government, protecting a patient's privacy at all costs is now a law, not just a recommendation. While protecting the patient's medical information is the job of the hospital, any security team that takes on the challenge of securing and protecting a healthcare facility must know and understand what HIPAA regulations will apply to their particular perspective. At Green Knight Security, our security staff understands the importance of maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and protecting each patient's right to absolute privacy.

In most cases, the staff of Green Knight Security will have no contact with patient records. They may have contact, however, with the patients and their families. Each staff member is trained to maintain the strictest level of confidence when approached by a patient or a family member. It's their job to maintain a level of security that protects the patients, staff, and visitors from harm. In offering that protection, it is also their job to protect the medical records and information that pertain to each patient.

Patient Rights

When a security company takes over the job of providing security to a healthcare facility, they must be ready to address certain situations in which they may have to protect the patient and preserve their right to privacy. This is especially true when it comes to facilities that treat Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Green Knight Security offers a variety of solutions to problems that are unique to these types of healthcare centers. They offer internal and external alarm systems that identify if a patient has wandered away from their unit or if an unidentified guest has made their way in. These systems are designed to protect not only the patient's rights, but also their well-being. At Green Knight Security, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of everyone at the facility, from the staff to the patients and their families.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is just one of the many methods Green Knight Security can help you secure your facility. The video system can be visible to an onsite monitoring station or fed to an offsite location where we can monitor your facility 24-hours a day. The offsite plan works well for medical offices and clinics that aren't open 24 hours a day. If your facility is open 24-hours a day and you would prefer to have onsite monitoring, we can provide multiple camera locations with each having a direct feed to one centralized area. This allows one of our staff to constantly monitor what is happening both inside and outside of your facility.

Manned Security Stations

If your facility is exceptionally large, we can place manned security stations with access to live video at every entrance. In addition to the manned security stations, we can also assign a specific number of security officers to your location if you feel that level of security is required. While most places won't need onsite security officers to patrol the building or the outside of the premises, the security stations placed at each entrance can prevent unannounced guests from bothering the patients. Manned security stations can also reduce the risk of a patient becoming disoriented and lost or trying to leave the facility without proper supervision.

Onsite Evaluations

We understand that each type of facility will require a different level of security. Smaller facilities may be fine with a simple video surveillance system that is closely monitored by the staff. Other facilities that are exceedingly large, may require a combination of many different services ranging from security patrols, manned security stations, and offsite video monitoring for each department or floor. The security specialists at Green Knight Security offer onsite evaluations that allow them to view the property first hand and determine what type of security measures will provide you with the type of protection you want for your facility. We will discuss what options are available, how they will be implemented and then work with you to find an affordable solution so that everyone has what they need.

Customized Security Plans

The staff of Green Knight Security is able to use one or several different security services to create a customized plan that meets the needs of the facility in question. Our staff is made up of former security guards and law enforcement professionals who have several years of experience. They understand what you will need to protect your property, your patients, and the massive amounts of private information kept at the facility. Each staff member has been trained to spot areas where additional surveillance may be required. They also understand the importance of maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality. By customizing a security plan to each facility's individual need, they can provide you with the most effective coverage possible using only the systems you need. Each plan is designed to be both affordable and efficient, so you aren't expected to compromise quality for cost.

Why Green Knight Security

Green Knight Security is well known throughout the Los Angeles County area. Members of our team have worked in various areas of Southern California and have a reputation for being both professional as well as reputable. The staff is made up of security professionals from various fields. Some are former law enforcement officers, while others worked as security personnel and prison guards. Each member of the staff is highly trained and has been licensed and insured in the state of California. No matter what type of security officer you're looking for, someone on our staff is capable of providing you with the type of service you need.

If you are researching security options for healthcare facilities and hospitals, contact the staff of Green Knight Security at 844-457-8326. You can also visit more of our website to get an in depth look at what the company has to offer. Whether you are looking for a simple security program for a single office, or a comprehensive security program designed to secure and protect a multi-level facility that contains numerous departments, Green Knight Security can create exactly what you need. Our customized programs are designed around the needs of each individual facility. Confidentiality and patient privacy are top concerns and will not be compromised at any cost. Call Green Knight Security today and find out about the many services we have available to secure your facility.