Green Knight Security is one of the most well-known and well-respected security companies in the state of California. Every person on staff is highly trained and has several years of experience in the industry. Many employees are former law enforcement officers, FBI agents, bodyguards, or private investigators. Each person has undergone background checks, as well as various types of training that give them the knowledge they need to maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality. When you need to tighten the security protocols for your financial institution, call 844-457-8326 today and talk to one of our skilled security professionals.

Unique Requirements of Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have unique requirements in terms of maintaining the highest level of confidentiality as well as protecting the assets and data associated with the financial institution. Video surveillance is a must as well as having an alarm system that operates on a variety of levels. While it isn't always necessary to have an actual guard on hand 24-hours a day, the video surveillance system must be able to provide accurate and concise information at all times. Videos must be clear and able to show fine detail. The actual alarm system must function effectively at every level from the manually operated locks on the offices and doors to the timed-locks on vaults and other areas where items of value are kept.

Video Surveillance

While a physical guard is not required around the clock, 24-hour surveillance that is monitored by staff at a third-party location may be requested. The alarm system and video surveillance equipment are tied together so that when an alarm is triggered for any reason, the video captures the event. Video surveillance will also need to include multiple cameras strategically placed throughout the institution. From the doors to the tellers, to the vaults, and offices, live camera feeds should be running at all times to safeguard the interests of the institution.

Video cameras must also be able to be placed outside the building as well, offering full views of every entrance and drive-thru/ATM areas. By having cameras strategically placed both inside and outside the facility, the staff of Green Knight Security will be able to monitor any suspicious activity. This also allows them to turn over any footage to law enforcement officers if a robbery or other type of breach occurs at the facility.

Multi-Faceted Alarm System

A multi-faceted security alarm system includes alarms for vaults, secure areas (safe deposit boxes, etc.) private offices, entrances, and silent alarms at each desk or teller station. In addition to having the alarms in place and fully operational, some may be required to be on a timer. This is normally common for vaults and safe deposit box locations. With the advancements in today's technology, most of these types of locks use a security code, passkey/card, fingerprint, or other means of locking and unlocking the system.

In addition to maintaining the alarm system and ensuring its functionality, Green Knight Security also provides both onsite and third-party monitoring services. The GKS staff members who operate our monitoring centers understand the need for both strict confidentiality and swift action if an alarm is triggered. Each of our staff members is specifically trained to handle all of the duties assigned to their respective jobs. As part of our monitoring team, they are held to the highest standards of both the industry and the Green Knight Security management team.

Uniformed and Plain-Clothes Patrols

At Green Knight Security, we know that the presence of an armed security guard can help to maintain order within your institution. It can also cause customers to be uncomfortable. Depending on the level of security you need, we can arrange for either uniformed or plain-clothes guards to be at your facility during normal business hours. We can even add a layer of security during periods when there is higher than normal traffic.

After hours, we can assign a uniformed patrol to watch over your financial institution. We can also make them available during money transfers, drop-offs, contract negotiations, or whenever you feel the need to have an additional level of security. Our goal is to make sure your financial institution has the level of security it needs at all times. Any time of the day or night, Green Knight Security can provide the coverage you need.

Why Green Knight Security?

Green Knight Security has a proven track record of providing the highest level of security possible for all types of institution. When you call GKS, a highly trained team member will perform a security audit and identify any potential risks that your financial institution may experience. They will go over all of the options that are available to you, including:

  • Uniformed security guards.
  • Plain-Clothes guards.
  • Multi-level alarm security system (fingerprint access, passcodes/cards, digital codes, etc.).
  • Video surveillance (inside and out with still image capture option) with on or off-site monitoring.
  • Video recordings.
  • Various types of locks including timed locks and manual or keyed locks.

They will be able to develop a security plan that uses one or more of the above security protocols. With this system in place, your financial institution will be able to function at its fullest capacity without fear of any type of breach.

GKS's trained professionals will go over each type of security feature and explain its benefits and how it will work within your system. This will provide you with the highest level of protection possible at an affordable cost. Once we know the level of security you require, our team can have the security system designed and in place in a short amount of time so your financial institution remains fully protected at all times.

At Green Knight Security, the main priority is making sure your financial institution has the level of security it needs at all times. Every security system is designed according to the exact specifications of the facility in which it will be used. The ultimate goal is not only protecting the assets of the financial institution, but providing the facility's management that every aspect of the business is secured and protected at all times.

Financial Institutions Security Systems Company Near Me

In the Southern California area, Green Knight Security is well-known for its security plans as well as the professionalism of its staff. Every job GKS takes is treated with the highest possible priority. If you have any questions or concerns about the existing level of security at your financial institution, call 844-457-8326 and talk to one of Green Knight Security's staff members. They will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with the peace of mind you need. Don't let your guard down! Call and schedule a security audit today and find out how Green Knight Security can help you protect both you and your customers' interests. Green Knight Security takes pride in providing the peace of mind you deserve.