Los Angeles Bans Encampments

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the accelerated growth of large encampments for unhoused individuals in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles City council approved an ordinance banning unhoused individuals...

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How To Determine If You Need Armed or Unarmed Guard Services

As a business or property owner, ensuring that your building, property, staff, and customers are safe is a top priority. Deciding the type of security you need for your business is one of the...

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Loss Prevention Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

Fighting business loss is a constant challenge for most retailers. With the cost of this loss presently amounting to billions in the United States, the stakes have never been high. However, most...

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Why Your Business Needs Unarmed Guard Services

When your business, people, or merchandise needs safeguarding, security officers are the go-to people. These individuals offer extra security and assurance to your merchandise and workers on your...

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The Basics of Armed Guard Services in Los Angeles

Perhaps you already have hired security services and installed a surveillance system to protect you or your workers, property, or business. Even though this course of action is essential to any...

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What is Executive Protection

As a high-profile individual in the public eye, your safety is not always guaranteed. For some, the risks arise from the nature of their profession, especially if it involves high-level...

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Our Security Services are Available 24/7

Green Knight Security

We recognize that security problems don't just arise during regular business hours, which is why Green Knight Security is always available around the clock to serve you. Our unarmed and armed security personnel, as well as off-duty law enforcement officers, are always available to attend to you regardless of the time of day.

Our security firm aims to deliver unrivaled, personalized security for every customer. We make it a priority to learn about and meet the specific needs of all our clients. For the successful operation of our firm, we have recruited and nurtured a diverse and highly skilled team. We take immense pride in being able to ensure our customers' security, trust, and absolute integrity.

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Our professionals at Green Knight Security follow a traditional, high-quality, and extremely innovative style of customer care. With decades of experience, our team members offer new ideas and a strong dedication to our client-centered philosophy. Our dedication to knowledge and commitment to providing consistently better service has led to a standard of service that is unmatched by our competitors. We are eager to hear from you and respond to your inquiries. Call us now at 844-457-8326 to speak with one of our representatives.