Investigation services can be used in a wide range of mundane yet personal or business matters. These services can collect a wealth of information for you to use as evidence or proof in all types of situations. You may be considering the hire of a new employee, want to invest or possibly going through a painful divorce. Whatever new changes or events are occurring in your life, having more information and facts on your side could result in a more favorable outcome. Green Knight Security- Investigative Group, has many services that could be beneficial for you.

Divorce Investigations

There are times when a spouse becomes suspicious about their partner's activities. An investigator will be an objective witness as they confirm events your spouse is engaging in and with who. Confirming your suspicions, or providing peace of mind; the information they uncover can help you make an informed decision on how to continue in your relationship.

Other times, when your marriage has no other outcome than divorce, investigation services can help you provide evidence that is useable in court proceedings. The investigator will be able to appear in court on your behalf to reveal any actions they have witnessed. With today’s technology, investigation services have a wide range of tools to use in capturing evidence of other's behaviors and activities, and they can present this evidence at your hearing.

Child Custody Investigations

A divorce is never a smooth event in any person’s life. When there are children involved, the separation can become even more challenging. Child custody often becomes the number one issue in dissolving a marriage, and you want to ensure your child remains safe and in your care.

The objective of child custody investigations is to observe that your child is being treated well in their new environment. This environment could include your former spouse being involved with another partner who may end up being responsible for your child’s care while they are away from home. You want to know this person is providing care and protection to your children at all times and that they are safe under this third person’s supervision.

There could be other concerns you have for your child’s welfare which include your ex-spouse being involved in drugs, alcohol abuse, criminal activity or any other event that could put your child’s safety at risk. Investigators are trained to look for possible dangers, behaviors, lifestyles and any other indicators that your child is not receiving the care you expect. If their investigation uncovers any evidence supporting the fact your spouse should not gain custody, they will appear in court with that evidence on your behalf.

Investigation of Suspects, Witnesses or Victims

If you are suffering from someone committing an illegal act against you or you have been wrongly accused of a crime, you may need evidence to present to law officials. There are certain situations whereas a victim of a crime, you have the responsibility of proving the crime occurred. Without enough evidence, the police may not pursue your attacker, and you will never receive justice for the action taken against you. Investigation services can perform the search for evidence the police do not have time to conduct. Following the information you provide, they can help you uncover facts relating to the incident so it can be presented and the law can follow through with pressing charges.

Being falsely accused of a crime is also challenging and frightening. If the police believe you are guilty of an illegal act, they will not take the time to track down any other information which would prove you innocent. Investigation services will take the time and follow your lead to talk to witnesses or other victims and find any other evidence to uncover the actual criminal. Having a false arrest on your records could cause severe consequences to your future, and you want the help of investigation services to find the guilty party and clear your name.

There is any number of legal situations you could find yourself involved with where having more information or proof on your side will get you a better outcome. Investigation services have the experience, tools, and understanding of how to collect information legally and adequately. They do not have jurisdiction restrictions or time restraints so they can commit themselves to find evidence by interviewing victims, witnesses, suspects, and track down leads to uncover the truth.

Protection Against Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud investigation services can protect your business or you personally from an attempt by someone to falsely claim they need financial benefits due to your negligence, a work injury, accident or death. There are numerous types of insurance frauds which range from health insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, or a workers’ compensation insurance, and the services of an investigator could save you a lot of money.

Health Insurance

An investigation service can verify a patient getting paid for healthcare treatments is receiving the treatments. They can also check billing records if you suspect doctors and patients are working together to commit fraud in medical billings.

Auto Insurance

Criminals are known to stage auto accidents solely to collect insurance benefits. Investigators can interview the witness and check facts to determine the cause and the fault of the accident. Another criminal trick is to claim an auto has been stolen to collect insurance benefits. Investigation services can look into the theft and verify whether or not it is a legitimate claim.

Home Insurance

Investigation services can verify reported damages by homeowners and determine if a reported incident actually occurred.

Life Insurance

Investigation services have been able to uncover cases where people claim life insurance while they are still alive. They are also able to determine the existence of any party who has had a life insurance claim filed on their behalf.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Investigation services can be used to determine the true extent of an injury. Some employees have been known to report more serious injuries that prevent them from performing specific tasks, and investigators can uncover whether or not the individual is as disabled as reported.

Most of the investigation of insurance fraud is conducted through surveillance, looking at medical reports, interviewing witnesses, background checks and a few other methods to determine if the claim is true or false.

Security and Protection

Investigation services can also include protecting your security. Homeowners and businesses all have assets that need protecting. You need protection from destruction of your property, theft of valuable possessions, shoplifting and any other financial or personal loss that could occur.

Investigation services can create a plan for you to protect your business or your home. They can evaluate your needs to determine if security personnel is required or a security system. If you have staff that can secure your company, they should receive the proper training in both how to handle situations and how to prevent them. Using employees as security is a bonus to your company as it builds morale and provides you with someone who understands your business. With the proper training, they can perform their duties professionally and reliably.

Securing and protecting your property can also mean having a professional security guard on the premises during all business hours or perhaps during peak seasons or hours. Guards receive the highest level of training and are respected by law enforcement so that they can work with them during emergencies. Undercover agents are also a possibility to ensure your assets are safe and customers are not intimated.

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