How Vehicle Patrol Can Prevent Crime in Your Gated Community

How Vehicle Patrol Can Prevent Crime in Your Gated Community  When you think of a gated community, what comes into your mind must be that it is a relatively safe place to live, do business, and...

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Locking Down the Area

An active shooter situation is something no one wants to think about or ever have to deal with. The fact is, with today's world being the way it is, anything can happen. Being prepared and...

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Why Hire an Answering Service For Your Private Security Business

Customer service and building lasting relationships with clients are the building blocks of a successful business. Some private security businesses have a notion that using an answering service...

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Robbery is a crime against your person. If an individual in public confronts you, your home or a business and they use force or fear to take your property you have been robbed. It is important...

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Below is a list of some tools your Loss Prevention Department can uses to catch dishonest employees: Digital Video Recorder - Camera System (both regular and hidden cameras). Surveillance...

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The best thing your company can use to stop shoplifting/theft is an attentive employee. Great customer service is the most effective way to discourage shoplifters from stealing. Shoplifters don’t...

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Our security firm aims to deliver unrivaled, personalized security for every customer. We make it a priority to learn about and meet the specific needs of all our clients. For the successful operation of our firm, we have recruited and nurtured a diverse and highly skilled team. We take immense pride in being able to ensure our customers' security, trust, and absolute integrity.

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