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Active Shooter Training

Offering the most detailed and real life Active Shooter Training Courses available. We enable you with the skills and know how to handle any situation. The personnel at Green Knight Security have years of experience working with several law enforcement agencies to ensure the protocols we have in place are those that are widely recognized if an active shooter situation occurs.

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Active Shooter Training

Offering the most detailed and real life Active Shooter Training Courses available. We enable you with the skills and know how to handle any situation.

The professional staff of Green Knight Security understands the stress and frustration of dealing with active shooter situations. With the number of shootings on the rise, it's important that you have the proper training to protect yourself, your family, and those around you.

Active Shooter Training Courses offered by the professional staff of Green Knight Security will teach you the tips and techniques you can use to handle this type of situation swiftly and effectively.

Courses Offered


Scenario Training

Scenario training includes training sessions that are set up using various scenarios. Some are set up in a school setting, while others may be located in businesses or other types of public areas. You will be shown a scenario and then you will work together to come up with the best possible solution for how to react to an active shooter and help bring about a peaceful end to the situation. With each scenario, you will be given several options that can be used to take control of the situation.

Scenario training is essential when it comes to civilian response. At Green Knight Security, many of our staff members have experienced active shooter situations and can teach others what they have learned about being in this type of situation. Their goal is to provide you with the tools you need to save your life, as well as the lives of others. It's important to know these life-saving measures and to be able to utilize them at a moment's notice.

Interactive Training Classes

Green Knight Security offers an Interactive Training Class that allows you to participate in an actual mock-up of an attack. This class not only gives you the tools and resources you need but also allows you to put them into action so you know exactly how to react if the time ever comes. This type of training gives you first-hand experience without the danger and stress of a real event. Although the class is designed to give you an example to work from, nothing takes the place of the real thing. It's of the utmost importance that you take each class as seriously as possible.

Civilian Response to an Active Shooter

Civilian response to an active shooter can be extremely dangerous. Civilians who have weapons training and are licensed to carry a concealed weapon may be able to effectively respond to an active shooter situation. In most cases, however, it will be the civilian's main responsibility to keep people away from the scene, call 9-1-1, and work with first responders to secure the area, protecting anyone who may be nearby.

When an active shooter is present, civilians must be concerned with their own safety first. If it is possible to help others to safety, those measures can be taken but it's important to remember that whatever actions that are taken cannot hinder law enforcement's ability to secure the scene. During active shooter training, Green Knight Security staff will go over many possible scenarios so that each person understands the best way to handle each situation.

What to Expect from First Responders

First responders are the ones who normally arrive at the scene first (i.e. - Police, Fire, Paramedics). They have special training in terms of securing the scene, performing triage and making sure that people stay away from the targeted area. First responders are not always police officers and cannot take measures to remove injured victims from the scene until secured by police. The can assist law enforcement officers when needed, but their primary area of training is in caring for individuals who have been injured.

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How to Properly React and Survive

How you initially react to an active shooter situation can save your life. There are several steps you can take to protect yourself and others from harm once you identify the situation as an active shooter. They include:

Even if you have a weapon, it's important to get to a place of safety as quickly as possible. During the interactive training sessions used by Green Knight Security, you will be taught how to take control of a situation. In many cases, this may not involve using your weapon, but instead securing your area and protecting those nearest to you through the above-listed measures.


Hiring Green Knight Security

While hiring Green Knight Security to patrol and maintain an active presence on your property, we understand that you also need other options. Active shooter training allows you to be prepared in the event that there is no security personnel present. Having the skills to protect yourself and those around you when security is not available is extremely important. Our staff members are current law enforcement officers, security guards, prison guards, and bodyguards. They know how to recognize danger and the steps that are needed to secure a situation. During active shooter training, you will be instructed on how to react so that you can gain the advantage in this type of situation. At Green Knight Security, your safety is our highest concern. You need the necessary tools that will allow you to take the action you need to protect those around you until law enforcement arrives.

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The Most Experienced and Recognized Active Shooter Training!

The personnel at Green Knight Security have many years of experience and work with several law enforcement agencies to ensure the protocols they have in place are those that are widely recognized if an active shooter situation occurs. When your safety is at stake, having active shooting training may be just what you need to save the lives of those around you. You will receive training that hastens your response time and gives you the skills you need to take control of a situation and maintain the area until law enforcement arrives.

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