An active shooter situation is something no one wants to think about or ever have to deal with. The fact is, with today's world being the way it is, anything can happen. Being prepared and proactive are the best ways to handle any type of emergency situation, especially those that involve an active shooter. At Green Knight Security, our highly trained staff has the experience to teach you how to take control of an active shooter situation and protect yourself and those around you. By calling 844-457-8326, you can be signed up for an active shooter training class that will show you how to lock down a situation and get yourself and others to safety. Green Knight Security works throughout Southern California to increase awareness and teach the necessary skills to help residents in the area to remain safe and in control.

There are several things to remember when trying to lock down an area during an active shooter event. Run if you can. If you can't run, hide or isolate yourself. This includes blockading yourself into a room and pulling curtains and blinds to reduce visibility. The last protocol is to fight. This is recommended only as a last resort if you feel you are in imminent danger. Move and fight as a group so that no one can be easily singled out. If you are in a group, designate one person to call 9-1-1 and remain in contact for as long as possible, while being as quiet as they can. 

Be Ready to Run

The first protocol to remember during an active shooter event is to run away and remove yourself from the threat as quickly and quietly as possible. In order to do this, you need to be able to identify all potential exits as soon as you enter a room or building. Always be aware of your surroundings. Know where every exit is located and identify potential “safe” zones where you may be able to go if you can't make it safely to an exit. As soon as possible, whether you are heading to an exit or looking for shelter, call 9-1-1. Be as quiet as possible and turn down the volume on all electronic devices to avoid drawing attention to yourself. 

Being aware of your surroundings is helpful in any type of emergency situation, not just that of an active shooter. Be mindful of what is going on around you at all times, this will help you to identify any potential threats, no matter what form they may take. Identifying a threat and moving yourself to safety quickly and efficiently can save your life as well as the lives of others. Running towards an exit is the best chance of getting out of harm's way. Remember that if you lead, others will follow.

If You Can't Evacuate, Isolate/Hide!

If there is no way for you to safely evacuate from an active shooter situation, the next protocol is to lock down the area you are in and isolate or hide yourself and those around you. Find the most secure location available and, as safely as possible, make your way to that area. The staff at Green Knight Security will show you how to lock down the area you are in so that you can accomplish two things. First, you need to prevent the shooter from gaining access to your location. Secondly, put as many obstacles as possible between yourself and the entry point.

If you have been in contact with emergency personnel or police officers, provide them with as much information as possible about where you are located and where the actual incident is occurring. This provides them with valuable information that will help them resolve the situation and keep it from escalating further. Do not leave your safe location at any time unless law enforcement arrives and instructs you to do so. GKS staff will show you several things you can do to maintain your safety as well as help law enforcement get a firm handle on the situation.

Fight If You Have To!

The last protocol during an active shooter situation is to fight. If running or hiding has not worked, your last resort is to defend yourself at all costs. Be aggressive and show no fear. Almost any item can be used as a weapon if you think about it. At Green Knight Security, each member of the staff is highly trained in various types of hand to hand combat tactics. Signing up for self-defense or tactical training class will provide you with the skills you need to fend off an attacker. 

During an active shooter situation, it may be a good idea for several people to charge the attacker from different directions. The more people you have involved, the stronger your response will be. This will take them off guard and give you the advantage. The Green Knight Security team can teach you what type of objects make the best weapons and will show you how to use them to your advantage no matter what the situation. It's important to remain as focused as possible so that you can maintain your attack without letting the shooter get the upper hand. 

Get the Training You Need Now!

Active shooter training will provide you with the skills and knowledge you will need to get out of a wide variety of situations. The skills you learn will help you respond quickly and efficiently to situations in which various types of threats are involved. They will work with you so that you understand the importance of remaining calm and in full control. They will help you identify potential threats and staying mindful of your environment at all times. They will help you build the confidence you need to react appropriately in every type of situation. Once you have these skills and are capable of applying them to various situations, you will everything you need to keep yourself and those around you safe from harm.

Residents who live in Los Angeles, Torrance, Beverly Hills, and any other community in southern California can call Green Knight Security to find out when they will be hosting their next Active Shooter Training class. These classes are designed to show you how to react effectively during any type of dangerous situation. No one knows when an active shooter situation will occur. Even though you may never have to use the training you receive, having the knowledge of how to handle yourself in this type of situation may save your life as well as the lives of countless others. Sign up for a class today to get the training you need. With their many years of experience and high level of training, the skills they provide will boost your confidence and give you the courage to take control during a frightening situation. Don't delay! Call our Los Angeles security company today at 844-457-8326.