The need for protection is undoubtedly one of the most essential aspects of human life. Individuals and neighborhoods have gone to the extent of spending a lot of money in ensuring that they remain safe. Several factors influence the level of credibility and suitability of a company that offers security services. Green Knight Security offers excellent security options in Los Angeles, CA.

Overview of Green Knight Security Services

Green Knight provides professional mobile security patrol that will undoubtedly and drastically reduce the level of break-ins, vandalism, and other forms of property crimes. Our patrol services are highly visible, and intelligence-led to ensure that your assets and infrastructure are secure. Green Knight services utilize professional uniformed patrol offices with unique bicycles.

Our personnel is well equipped to respond to any emergency that may present itself and exhibit a strong deterrent to any criminal activity. Our patrol personnel offers a set number of patrols twenty-four hours a day each day of the month. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any form of insecurity that might present itself to your property or residence.

What Makes Green Knight Security Credible

For a security service provider like us to maintain credible services to our clients, we must have a concrete plan that makes us different from others. This depends on how our patrol officers utilize their resources and how well they deliver their duties. Here is a breakdown of how our bicycle patrol officers manage to offer the best services.

Patrol Bicycle

Green Knight patrol officers patrol specific areas where our clients reside, including their businesses. This is a proactive approach to our delivery of services to deter any criminal activity from happening.

Random Patrol

Green Knight patrol does not maintain the same predictable pattern during its delivery of services. Our personnel understands that maintaining the same pattern will be easily predicted by offenders, which does not prove our professionalism. Therefore, our staff maintains alternating patrol patterns and time every night to maintain a sporadic and unpredictable security presence. With this consideration, it would be hard for the bad guy to know where our personnel is located.

Visibility During Delivery of Services

Green Knight security personnel are aware of the security state laws and would do anything to maintain them. Once they observe something, they will use the right method to address it and report it as well. Also, the officers are well-equipped with spotlights that indicate their presence and address an incidence effectively.


Green Knight bicycle patrol officers understand that communication is critical in the delivery of services. That’s why they are equipped with two-way radios to maintain contact with the dispatch center. Once the dispatch center receives information from a client, the information will be forwarded to the appropriate patrol officer to guarantee a prompt response. Once the patrol officers respond to an incident, they will complete a detailed report through our online reporting system.


One of the essential aspects of patrolling is reporting. This ensures that the services provided are credible and maintains trust with our clients. Therefore, every patrol officer has to complete a detailed report after completing his or her duties on a client’s property. Clients will then receive the report through emails and will have to learn about their shift or response to an incident.

Pro-active in Delivering Services

Waiting for something to happen is so outdated. Therefore, Green Knight bicycle patrol officers care more about their clients and would pro-actively deliver their service rather than being passive. This means that the officers do not wait for something to happen, but prevent anything from happening.

More About Green Knight Bicycle Patrol

Apart from the information provided above, several other factors make our services unique from other companies. One of the things that make our bicycle patrol unique is the use of personal and high standard bicycles in our services. All our bikes are fully equipped to ensure that our patrol officers promptly attend any situation.

Also, our bicycles have a 24-hour GPS tracking system to ensure that our patrol officers maintain excellence in their delivery of services. They are also equipped with flashlights that indicate their presence while protecting your protection.

Green Knight patrol bicycles can be noticed from far since they have graphic designs that make them different from any kind of bike on the street. Once you see our patrol officers with these bicycles, this should assure you that we mean business.

When it comes to the kind of properties that we can patrol, our company can handle commercial businesses, private residences, and government facilities. With our advanced security solution, our clients have the peace of mind that their properties and facilities are secure. Also, with our effective patrolling routines, nothing would possibly go unnoticed by our officers.

With the increased population, it is clear that our police officers are overwhelmed by the high number of calls that they receive every day. Therefore, police response has been increasingly becoming late, which has diminished the level of confidence that citizens had on them. In that case, Green Knight has managed to provide prompt response services to its client, which makes them different from the local police.

Our patrol officers will document and report any incidents similar to what the local police officers would do. This has improved the confidence that our clients have on us. Also, with our prompt response-ability, you will not expect any machine or answering services when you reach out to us for our intervention. Our response team is available anytime and will not keep you waiting, similar to other experiences elsewhere.

Green Knight security has no history of sub-contracting any duties that their clients have bestowed them. The company has enough officers to handle the demands of their clients and are fully trained to ensure quality delivery of services. Their distinct uniform and bicycles indicate their presence within their area of service delivery.

With our broad and extensive personnel, you will be guaranteed immediate response to any complaint and address it with concern, professionalism, and vigilance. Our officers will be your first line of defense when you need them most. They will offer protection for you and your property until the right public personnel access your premises.

Finally, Green Knight officers are experienced and professional in their services. They will work closely with the police to ensure that their clients have peace of mind over their safety. Their collaboration with the police officer will establish an effective way of maintaining security in the community, government facilities, and commercial centers.

Advantage of Bicycle Patrol

There are different ways that bicycle patrols benefit our clients and the community at large. These benefits include strong community relations, faster response, environmental benefits, just to mention a few. Let’s have a detailed look at the advantages that bicycle patrol has to offer.

Bikes are Less Threatening Compared with Patrol Vehicles

There is always a negative perception of police officers on patrol vehicles. The same situation applies when private patrol officers are on duty. Also, when a patrol officer is attending to an incident using a patrol vehicle, it is hard to navigate a densely populated place or a place with limited space. Also, it is hard for people to cooperate with officers in a patrol vehicle due to the negative perception that they have. However, since bicycles seem to be socially acceptable, it is easier for patrol officers to employ their services comfortably.

Community Members are More Accepting of Bicycle Patrol

In a society that maintains bicycles in their day to day life, it is easier to use bikes to maintain security within the community compared with patrol vehicles. When a community member identifies a patrol officer in a bicycle, he or she will be able to cooperate in any kind of request that the security officer asks. Patrol on bicycles are less threatening and are better at communicating with community members. This has made it easier for Green Knight to deliver their services within the community.

Bicycle Patrols have More Contact With the Public

With the simplicity of movement that bicycles can offer, it is a guarantee that patrol officers can reach out to the community easier compared to vehicles. Also, since people are more receptive to officers on bicycles more than cars, it is easier to reinforce a good relationship between clients and officers without any stereotyping.

It is Hard for Perpetrators to Notice Bicycle Patrols

Lawbreakers are more aware of patrol vehicles compared to bicycles. Therefore, when they are carrying out their criminal activities, they will be on the lookout for cars more than bikes. In that case, it would be easier for the patrol officers to apprehend the perpetrators on bicycles compared with vehicles.

Bikes Have a Health and Environmental Advantage

As much as everyone wants to stay in a secure community, it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a clean environment. Since bicycles are zero carbon emitters, you do not have to worry about the possibility of environmental pollution.

On the other hand, patrol officers who rely on bicycles tend to be healthier and more physically capable compared to their car-bound counterparts. This also works as an advantage in the delivery of services.

Find Bicycle Security Services Near Me

Bicycles can play an essential role in ensuring that any security firm maintains excellent patrol services. Nevertheless, not all companies can offer the kind of services that every client expects. That’s why it is always necessary to evaluate any company that presents its interest in providing patrol services. Green Knight has the personnel and experience needed in delivering excellent bicycle patrol services to its clients within Los Angeles, CA. For more information about our services, contact us at 844-457-8326 and talk to our customer service team.