Whether you live in a gated community, on a large estate or manage a corporate campus, you have to have some degree of security. Large properties require more than just your normal security measures. You need to hire a company who has experience working with multiple levels of security, in addition to various types of security equipment. At Green Knight Security, we understand that different jobs require different tactics and equipment. Our highly trained security personnel are capable of working alone or as part of a larger group if the opportunity arises. If you need security for a corporate campus, gated community or large estate, we are the ones to call. Our office is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Security is a full-time job so when you call our office at 844-457-8326, we are ready to go to work.

Adequate Coverage

At Green Knight Security, we offer several options when it comes to larger properties. We are capable of installing a command center that will allow our security officers to closely guard every entrance and monitor who comes and goes. We can provide one on one coverage for officers or members of management who require an extra level of protection. Residential and commercial properties require different types of security. Commercial properties normally have a level of electronic protection that require the use of pass keys or other means of identification. Our staff has years of experience with this type of equipment and can have you set up and running in a short period of time.

Residents of estates and gated communities rely on our staff to keep their homes and families safe. While they may not need the level of protection required by a large corporation, it's beneficial to have access to a security officer if the need arises. Large estates may require one or two security officers on site at all times, while others may be fine with 24-hour hour monitoring and a multi-level security system in place. In-home security systems are normally sufficient when it comes to protecting homes from unwanted intruders. Adding a video surveillance system will also help to discourage unwanted visitors from trying to enter your home or anywhere inside the gated community.

24-Hour Surveillance

No matter what size of property or business you are trying to protect, 24-hour surveillance is just one way of accomplishing your goal. Surveillance can take many forms, including:

  • 24-hour video cameras.
  • Onsite command post.
  • Security officers who actively patrol the entire property.
  • Locked gates requiring a pass code or key.

No matter what type of 24-hour protection you use. Visual surveillance, either through onsite patrol or the use of video cameras is the most reliable. Whether you monitor the system yourself or have us do it at our office, the level of protection you receive far outweighs simpler, less sophisticated systems.

At Green Knight Security, we can create a command center on your property (normally for large estates) or we can put alarms and video cameras in place and perform 24-hour surveillance from our office. What you decide on will depend on the type of security you are looking for and what your budget will allow. For many people, those living on large estates and in gated communities will do fine with video cameras and a detailed alarm system. The owner of the community will often have outside surveillance already installed as well as the security system that operates the gate. Large estates are often gated as well, providing an additional level of protection.

Building the Right Team

When we put together a security crew, we look at several different things. The size of the property, the amount of traffic, the level of security needed and how many men it will take to adequately staff the grounds. When it comes to corporate campuses, the size of the property will determine whether or not a patrol unit needs to be formed. If the campus consists of several large buildings that are in close proximity to one another, staffing the buildings and using a strategically placed command center may be the best way to go. This allows for 24-hour monitoring of video cameras and the use of key cards and pass codes.

Large corporate campuses may choose to use both uniformed guards and plain clothes security officers. This allows the ultimate level of protection, especially if an occasional body guard is required. All of the employees at Green Knight Security have been highly trained. Many are former law enforcement officers and military personnel. There professional training means they know the law and what type of force is needed in certain situations. They are also capable of providing adequate protection to themselves and others in case a situation gets out of hand.

Protection for Large Perimeters

When you are trying to secure a large piece of commercial property, estate grounds or gated community, you don't want to leave any detail to chance. The goal is to hire a security company that offers exactly what you need for an affordable price. They must be reputable, professional, and above all thorough, when it comes to performing their duties. The security personnel at Green Knight Security are well aware of their responsibilities and take them very seriously. We make sure each security officer has the tools they need to perform their job and protect those they serve.

When you contact Green Knight Security, we will schedule a consultation and discuss your needs. We will put together a security plan that will address all of your concerns. Together we can come up with a solution for all of your security needs that you can afford. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to feel safe and secure in your own home. If you are a member of management, we want you to know that your livelihood is fully protected and secured in every way possible. With their military and law enforcement training, our security officers are top of the line within our industry.

At Green Knight Security, protection is our job. We have the staff, the knowledge, the experience and the resources to protect any size property. Whether you are looking to secure a gated community, an estate, or a large corporate campus, we can protect your investment and make sure it is fully secured. If you would like to schedule a consultation or set up an appointment to put together a security plan, call our office at 844-457-8326. We will go over all of your options and help you determine what type of services will work best for your property. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with the level of security you have in place. The security professionals we have on staff at Green Knight Security have many years of experience in the business and can help you create a solution that provides you with exactly what you are looking for.