Green Knight Security is well-known throughout the Los Angeles area for their professional services and comprehensive list of core practice areas. No matter where you are in the southern California area, the professional staff of Green Knight Security is always available to provide you with exceptional service. Each member of the GKS team is highly trained and many have years of experience as former police officers, prison guards, bodyguards, and military personnel. There comprehensive list of core practice areas makes them the security company to call when it’s time to tighten the ropes and protect your home, family, or business.

Who We Are

Each member of the Green Knight Security team has years of experience. They have undergone intense tactical training that provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to provide top-level security in almost any situation. Each team member has received many of the following certifications that include CCW permits, forensic interviewer credentials, and bail agent services. No matter what level of security you are looking for, GKS can put together a team of professionals that are licensed and bonded. They understand the importance of feeling safe and secure at all times. Whether you want full-time security for your home/business or are in need of a more personalized form of security such as a bodyguard or executive protection agent, GKS can put together a team that works for you.

Steven O'Neal, the president of Green Knight Security, has an extensive background in the field of security. A former police officer, O'Neal understands that for a security company to be successful, its team members must have years of experience and a strong pool of resources and knowledge to draw from. At Green Knight Security most staff have a background in either the military or some form of law enforcement. They are highly trained and have the skills they need to be able to perform their duties effectively and expeditiously. When your safety is at stake, there is no time to waste.

Service Locations

Agents can work anywhere in the state of California. They are able to travel with their client to almost any destination and provide a level of security that is second to none. GKS is based in the Los Angeles area and services many of the surrounding cities and communities. While Los Angeles is one of their primary service areas, they also offer services to residents in Hollywood, Burbank, Encino, and San Bernardino. GKS provides security options to both residential and commercial clients no matter where they are located throughout the Southern California area.

Staff members of Green Knight Security are capable of traveling wherever they need to go to ensure that the client they are in charge of protecting remains safe and secure at all times. Many of our clients must travel across the country, and in some cases, across the globe as part of their job. GKS team members can travel with them making sure they are fully protected at all times. If necessary, GKS can put together a team of professionals so that they have the same team members each time they need them.

Commitment to Excellence

At GKS, we offer the highest quality customer service and commitment to excellence with no exceptions. Every member of the GKS team goes through extensive training so that they have the knowledge and resources available to them to perform their duties efficiently. To become a part of the GKS team, each member must pass a strict background check and prove that they are physically fit enough to provide the level of protection each client needs. Not only does each team member receive tactical training, they are also taught communication and administrative skills that allow them to make snap decisions as they are needed. Each team member is focused on providing personalized security options for each client they serve.

If you need security for your home or business, Green Knight Security is one of the most well-known and respected security companies in the Los Angeles area. Once you have scheduled an appointment, the staff will evaluate your needs and create a security program that meets your specific needs. GKS offers 100% confidentiality for all clients and goes to great lengths that to ensure that no security breaches occur. The company's staff is capable of handling any type of situation, big or small!

Service Areas

Green Knight Security has several core practice areas. Many GKS team members have years of experience with specific types of security. When a client calls to order any type of security service, agents are chosen based on their experience, history, and tactical knowledge. By matching the right staff member to the right job, GKS is able to provide a level of security that is second to none when compared to other security agencies in the Los Angeles area.

Active Shooter Training

The agents of Green Knight Security offer interactive training to individuals and clients who are concerned about active shooter situations. Keeping schools, corporate campuses, public places, and residents safe are the company's top concern. Active shooting training classes teach clients how to recognize the warning signs that often present themselves prior to an active shooter situation. Not only does this allow staff members to move to a safe and secure location, it also helps to bring in the necessary resources to diffuse a possibly volatile and deadly situation.

Retail and Commercial Security

Retail and commercial security needs are much different than those required for residences and apartments. Retail and commercial security involves protecting the business from many different types of loss including shoplifting, vandalism, and harassment of staff or employees. By working hand in hand with members of management, Green Knight Security can develop a customized security plan that includes video surveillance and plainclothes agents during peak business hours. They will do what it takes to provide you with the level of security required for each business.

Gated Communities, Estate, and Corporate Campus Security

Gated communities, estates, and corporate campuses are closed to the public for a reason. Residents and employees pay top dollar for the privacy and security gated communities and campuses provide. Green Knight Security understands that privacy is of an utmost priority. With this being said, they can provide onsite patrols, live video surveillance and staffing at each of the gates that lead into or out of the campus or community. The agents at GKS will evaluate the community's security needs as needed and offer suggestions to management that allows residents and employees to feel safe and secure at all times.

Executive Protection Division (Bodyguards and Executive Protection Agents)

Green Knight Security's Executive Protection Division caters to members of upper management who must travel abroad or carry sensitive documents from place to place. Bodyguards and personal security officers are trained to identify potential threats and take whatever action is needed to protect both the client and the sensitive information they are carrying with them. In some cases, only the item is being transported. If this is the case, the security agent will pick up the item and travel with it to its final destination. In either situation, the executive or the items being transported require one on one attention at all times. At Green Knight Security, every client that enlists the services of the Executive Protection Division is treated as the company's number one priority.

*Hollywood Security Guard Service*

In Hollywood, anybody who is anyone in the movie and film industry is a sought-after commodity. The agents of GKS provide one on one security guard services to individuals who are constantly being chased or harassed by the paparazzi or other media personnel. GKS agents serve movie stars, producers, authors, government officials, and any other high profile celebrity that needs a level of security they can trust. Even stand-ins and stunt doubles have requested the services of GKS when they are unwittingly mistakenly for the stars they resemble.

Production and Entertainment Security 

Movie sets and production areas that are located outside of the actual studio can be extremely large. Expensive equipment is often stored on-site because it is not cost-effective to keep moving it back and forth. A team of well-trained GKS security agents can patrol the entire to continually make sure the area is secure and that nothing is amiss. Video surveillance cameras can also be used to help secure the premier of the production area.

Green Knight Security agents are also extremely effective when it comes to securing entertainment and concert venues. Large open are venues such as stadiums and outdoor concert halls require a security team that is well-organized and capable of handling multiple situations. Each agent is well-trained in communicating with those who are attending the concert and can manage even the most chaotic of situations. Both plainclothes and uniformed security options are available and will provide a secure and safe environment for everyone who attends.

School Security 

School security is first and foremost on everyone's mind, especially if they have children or grandchildren who are of school age. In addition to Active Shooter Training, Green Knight Agency offers training to school faculty members that allow them to maintain their students' safety in a variety of situations. The agents use a variety of scenarios to help faculty members learn to react appropriately in any type of situation.

It is important to remember that not only school security issues involve active shooters. It can be a disturbance between students or vandalism and damage that occurs after school hours. GKS provides faculty members with the tools and resources they need to protect both students and school property.

Jewish Temple and Church Security 

Houses of worship are often targets of vandals and terrorists who disagree with their beliefs. Jewish temples, churches, synagogues, and mosques are often at risk in areas where cultural diversity is high. At Green Knight Security, the main priority is to help religious leaders protect both the physical property and the members who attend services there. In most cases, church and temple officials prefer plainclothes agents to attend their services so that members are not automatically concerned about their presence.

Because many facilities are left unattended for several hours or days at a time, video surveillance cameras are an option that adds an additional level of security. As with any other type of client, Green Knight Security always guarantees 100% confidentiality and professionalism on all levels.

Commercial Facilities and Office Security 

Commercial facilities and offices are not immune to active shooters, vandalism, and other acts of aggression by disgruntled employees. Green Knight Security can work with members of management to properly secure the physical property and protect the employees. Safety is always a primary concern, especially in industries where competition is high.

GKS agents offer many different security options that can be used interchangeably with one another. A security professional can be posted at the front door, as well as one on every floor, to make sure that only employees are allowed to gain access to restricted areas. Video surveillance cameras are also a commonly requested option, especially when it comes to protecting the property after the business closes.

Home/Business Security (Specifically for Tenting Bugs and Termites)

In addition to the regular security options provided to home and business owners, they also offer surveillance or onsite patrols if a property is being tented for bugs and termites. Because the windows and doors of the home or business must be left open to allow the fog to gain entry, it means the home is also vulnerable to human predators as well. Criminals know that a tent that covers an entire home is only there for one person and that the property will be easy to infiltrate. With Green Knight Security on the job, the home or business is fully protected from any type of invader, including human ones. GKS will work with the pest control company to make sure that every aspect of your is fully protected and secured.

Healthcare/Hospital Security 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require various types of security. Not only must property be protected and employees and patients kept safe, additional protocols must be put in place to protect vital patient records. The Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act that was enacted in 1996 requires that all patient records be kept strictly confidential. AT Green Knight Security, the staff constantly strives to meet and exceed the security standards of every hospital or healthcare facility they serve.

With the number of staff on hand at any one time, this can be a daunting task. By using several different security measures, all of the security needs can be met. Video surveillance and onsite, uniformed guards who are strategically placed at entrances/exits and in areas of the facility where sensitive records are kept. Plainclothes guards can also be placed in areas for additional security if there is any type of heightened risk. Hospital administrators and members of management can evaluate their facility's security needs and work with the professional Green Knight Security staff to create a fully customized security plan that accounts for every possible scenario.

Contact Us for Security Services Near You

No matter what type of business or residential area is being discussed, there are many cases in which multiple core practice areas will be needed to provide the level of security that is desired by the client. A good example of this is Active Shooter Training. An active shooter can appear anywhere at any time. Large corporate complexes and schools both benefit from this type of training. Including it in the overall security plan is essential.

The same is true when protecting homes and properties from vandalism or theft. Multiple options are needed to protect the property and its contents as well as the safety of any employees that may be present. Each security plan must be based on the needs of the company or home. Because no two are ever the same, both management and homeowners must work hand in hand with the professional staff of Green Knight Security to evaluate their needs and develop the perfect plan. Green Knight Security serves residents throughout the Los Angeles area and surrounding counties. Call 844-457-8326 and speak to one of the company's professional security agents. They will provide information on all of the company's core practice areas and work with to provide the most effective and comprehensive plan possible.