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The Basics of Armed Guard Services in Los Angeles

By developer | Sep 08, 2021

Perhaps you already have hired security services and installed a surveillance system to protect you or your workers, property, or business. Even though this course of action is essential to any strong security program, they’re frequently insufficient. With the increased number of various risks we face nowadays, entrepreneurs should consider all available security options. One most convenient option to consider to boost your security is retaining an armed security guard. We provide you with the basics of armed guard services to better understand what armed security is all about.

Who An Armed Security Guard Is

Armed security guards are among the most prevalently pictured types of guards whenever people talk about security guards. They’re spotted at business premises or different events to protect and safeguard the customers and participants there.

So who are they? Armed security guards are highly trained individuals working in roles of immense responsibility. Most of them are ex or current law enforcement/military officers. They have undergone the required registration and training that permits them to carry a firearm during their security duties. The protection these guards provide is a little more hands-on in the sense that you see them in high-risk situations. If an issue arises where force or violence is involved, armed security guards have undergone training to contain it.

Businesses with high-value assets like jewelry or watch stores or those that handle money like banks require a higher level of protection than other companies. Because of the risks associated with these assets, criminal activities are drawn if there is any vulnerability.

What Do They Carry?

What armed security guards carry depends on the job they are being hired for and the business in which they work. However, as we mentioned, armed security guards are trained to carry firearms. Other weapons they may carry include tear gas, pepper spray, and batons. They may also carry handcuffs to detain culprits, flashlights, a smartphone, and two-way radio for communication. 

Duties and Responsibilities of Armed Security Guards

The primary duty of armed security guards is deterring possible threats and actively responding to imminent threats. Generally, the presence of an armed guard with a weapon will prevent or discourage potential aggressors from engaging in criminal conduct or making dangerous threats on your premises. Armed security guards also set the tone for other people, and security and safety are taken seriously on the property. Monitoring and alarm systems cannot do that. An armed guard provides a degree of safety that’s incomparable. Should the aggressor decide to go ahead with their criminal plan, an armed guard can act as soon as possible in response to the threat.

Their other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Conducting vehicle and foot patrols for any security and safety risks
  • Threat assessments
  • Granting property and event access
  • Helping the management in security-related tasks as required
  • Providing help to and communicating with the members of the public
  • Coordinate with law enforcement as needed
  • Preparing daily logs and reports
  • Conducting stationary and roving tours
  • Safeguarding the personnel, property, visitors, and guests
  • Respond to reported incidents as necessary
  • Document any visitors to the premises
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the area and items within
  • Monitor a closed-circuit television for potential issues
  • Preventing criminal activity from occurring, such as attacks, violence, hostility, vandalism, or theft
  • React with force (deadly, if need be) if the situation warrants

Essentially, the duties and responsibilities of armed guards differ slightly based on the specific business in which they are employed. For example, the day-to-day routine of a guard who works in a school is significantly different from the guard who works in armed executive protection. However, the basic duties and responsibilities remain the same.        

Whereas armed guards have the right to discharge their firearms, this is always the last course of action. This kind of responsibility requires special personal skills that are further improved through training specific to the security guard. These skills include, but are not limited to:

  • An exemplary attitude concerning confidentiality
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The capability to detect behaviors and body language that may be cause for alarm
  • Situational awareness

Armed Security Officer Training

Whether unarmed or armed, all security guards go through thorough training. Whereas this training includes different combat instructions, the distinctive feature of professional armed security guards is detecting and defusing any possible volatile situation. This kind of proficiency is critical as an incident can be contained before it escalates.

Armed security guards also undergo risk assessment training, something particularly essential as far as close or armed executive protection is concerned. Strategic evaluation of possible, potential, and real risk with numerous action plans for eventualities are critical skills of an armed security guard.

Armed guards also undergo training to utilize various forms of technology designed to protect your business. For instance, they may be trained to use security cameras to see more of the property at a go. There are several different forms of technology, and all may be beneficial to your business security. Hiring a security guard may see these technologies put in use.  Security guards capable of using technology can secure the premises much more effectively since they can cover more areas.

Each state has different certification and license requirements for armed security. However, when performing their duties, there is always the possibility of them being compelled to use their weapons; thus, every guard must bear the skill to care for, store, and correctly use the firearm if a situation arises. This kind of responsibility naturally requires ongoing and extensive training.

What Businesses Require Armed Guard Security Services?

If your business is in the higher-risk categories we mentioned above, or if you are at a higher risk of being targeted by criminals than other people, you should think about hiring armed guards. An armed security guard is most appropriate if your business:

  • Handles a significant amount of cash.
  • Has expensive assets like artwork or jewelry.
  • Hosts large events where crowds can become difficult to control, like fights and other sporting activities.
  • Is in a place with increased crime rates.
  • Accommodates many people, like apartment complexes, assisted living homes, schools, entertainment events, hotels, or medical facilities.

Employees of businesses in facilities or buildings with armed security are highly productive since they are aware that their lives are not in constant danger and are under a professional’s protection if an issue arises.

How You and Your Business Will Benefit from Hiring an Armed Security Guard

In performing their duties and responsibilities, you and your business will benefit from hiring an armed security guard in the following ways:

Improved Customer Service

Customer service and an armed security officer’s duties are inseparable in several ways. As far as protecting you or your premises is concerned, it’s always about your customers. It’s the security guard’s responsibility to ensure the customers’ safety, and when they do so, you are often able to chat with customers and ask them how they’re and how to help them. Listening to your customers often makes you successful in serving them. Consequently, security guards often build a rapport with clients by greeting them and being the first impression of the business.

Whereas their primary responsibility is protecting the business and customers, armed security officers are frequently a point of contact or reference among customers. At times, a customer may need assistance with a stuck elevator, locked door, directions, or being escorted to their vehicle at night. Under tense circumstances, a customer might be angry and speak faster when reporting what happened. It’s the security guard’s responsibility to decipher what’s being said and provide support to the customer to feel safe.

Improved Monitoring Services

There isn’t any good in installing several security surveillance systems if there’s no security officer to monitor them. Most security and law enforcement professionals are highly trained to detect any sign of criminal conduct/activity, preemptively react to red flags, and prevent crimes before they happen.

If you need security footage for your business, you ought to hire somebody to monitor it and fetch them for you. However, a professional security officer can do more than watching security footage. They can monitor any form of worker registration, such as checking name badges. Also, they can patrol your premises and close and open the building. Should you require them to do so, they’ll be the last one out and the first one in, daily without fail.

Peace of Mind

As a business owner, stakeholder, or executive, the last thing you’d want to worry about is security. You’d want to focus on the business’s growth and generating the best services and products possible. You would want to work on making your clients and employees happy so you can retain both. The peace of mind you will have knowing both your clients and workers are safe whenever they’re on your premises knows no bounds. Hiring a fresh graduate as a security guard and paying them little may appear to be a good and inexpensive idea. However, they do not know what to do and how to react in case of imminent danger or actual crime. Hiring a security guard who understands what to do, when, and how is one reason to retain professional services.

Internal Issues Can be Solved Smoothly

Not all criminal offenses are perpetrated by people on the outside. An armed security guard can keep an eye on your workers to determine if there’s anything suspicious or irregular going on. If there has been any kind of internal problem, a security guard will investigate, helping you to find out what precisely transpired and unveil the real culprit.

Sometimes this is the most appropriate solution. It could be that you lost sensitive material and do not want to involve the local police since investors would know, or you are worried about the public shame you may face. Either way, an armed security guard has you covered. They will help you unveil the mystery of where the material went discreetly and confidentially.

The Business Environment Will Be Safe

The mere presence of an armed security guard helps keep a safer business environment. It’s an added advantage regardless of whether the business is in manufacturing, events, pharmaceuticals, office, or retail. Knowing that security is close by gives a sense of assurance and safety to customers and employees.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Emergencies at Work.

Armed security guards possess the training and skills to respond to emergencies as they arise. As a devoted, watchful eye, these guards are usually the first to know about any security matter and the first ones to act. They can help in evacuations and other serious security events.

Also, note that armed security guards are required to have basic training in first aid. This way, they can maintain safety if an emergency arises and know how to respond to given situations requiring first aid.

Crimes will be Rare in and Around Your Business.

Armed security guards are a physical visual deterrent to crimes. Their presence will dramatically lower crime rates and inhibit the possibility of an assailant causing harm. When a security guard catches a person causing trouble or disturbance on your business premises or property, they will immediately intercept and stop the culprit.

Tips for Retaining Armed Guard Services

If you are thinking about retaining armed security guard services, you will agree that one of the most challenging tasks is finding qualified and experienced guards. These tips will help you figure out what armed security guard to go for:

Armed Guard License

Every armed security guard is licensed and carries the relevant documents to show this. Even though every state has somewhat different requirements, an armed security guard is granted a registration card only after successfully undertaking specific courses and meeting specific qualifications.

There’s also the requirement for annual updates, refreshers, and training for a person to continue being an armed guard. For this reason, you want to check the dates on your armed security guard’s registration card to make sure it is still valid.  

Background Checks and Experience

Inquire about the skills and experience of the armed guard you are planning to hire. Based on what role they are being assigned to conduct, you will be more comfortable aware that they bear extensive experience in that kind of work. Former law enforcement and military professionals often fit effortlessly into the armed security guards’ role, and this kind of background provides peace of mind for the person who hires them.

Conducting a background check on every guard you want to hire is also crucial. You should always confirm the information you find after conducting a background check before employing an armed security guard.

Armed Guard Insurance

Special insurance coverage is critical for people who work as armed guards. Carrying weapons, be it non-lethal or lethal, creates a higher risk of accidents and injury. Thus, liability insurance ought to be of the highest level. It should cover medical costs, general liability insurance, and that which is specific to carrying weapons. Additionally, the insurance ought to cover all associated costs, for instance, those that may arise from slander, libel, or false arrest.

Armed Security Companies

So far, the most effective way of employing an armed security guard is going through a security company. A reputable and trustworthy armed security company will make sure all their works are properly trained and registered. The company will also have conducted the required extensive background check to confirm the employees’ suitability in doing the job.

When selecting a security company from which to outsource armed security services for your needs, ensure to conduct due diligence in respect to the experience, quality, and suitability, of the guards they employ. Look into their recruitment techniques, staff retention and loyalty, training procedures, uniform policies, range of services, and security checks. If your needs are for the highest armed close or executive protection levels, using a firm that offers patrol armed guard services will likely not suffice.

Choosing the right company for armed security services for your requirements should be dependent on these factors:

  • Their reputation and expertise
  • Genuine and relevant testimonials and reviews from current and past clients
  • Extensive research to be content that their armed security guards are of the highest caliber
  • Their capability to accommodate your specific requests and demands

Find Armed Security Guard Services Near Me

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