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Why Your Business Needs Armed Guard Services

By developer | May 28, 2021

Several factors contribute to your business’s success, including the security of your staff and clients. Hiring armed guards ensures your business is secure and gives you an excellent reputation. Apart from these, there are several other reasons why your business needs armed guard services. They include:

You Enjoy Peace of Mind

When you hire a top-notch armed security service like Green Knight Security, you will be in a position to rest easy, knowing that the safety of your clients, employees, and the business at large is in the safe hands of trained security professionals.

Armed Guards Help in Crowd Control

If your business involves hosting large events like trade shows, huge crowds can overwhelm your staff. With the help of armed guard services, your team could perform their duties with ease, as the guards have the required training in crowd control. Crowd control is one aspect of armed guard service that will ensure your employees feel safe to work in large events.

Armed guards will direct your customers, ensuring that order is maintained and the crowd is not out of control. They direct patrons to the customer desk to seek further assistance or any other business department. Engage the services of armed security guards for successful event hosting.

Armed Guards Help During Emergencies

Armed guard service providers ensure that their officers have the necessary training regarding emergencies and the safety of the people they are guarding. When an emergency arises, there is no time to wait for the first responders. Having a trained person on the site can make a significant difference.

Armed guards will also assist when natural disasters strike and ensure that people are led out of business to a safe place. They will maintain order in an emergency, which will reduce the chance of people panicking when they don’t know what to do in such situations.

Armed Guards Carry Out Threat Assessment

Armed guard service providers ensure that they train their officers on carrying out threat assessment, preventing suspects from escaping, apprehending criminals, and detaining them until the police arrive. Armed guards can interview witnesses after a crime commission and are equipped to handle security breaches in your business. They will ensure that any threat that faces your business is handled and develop safety precaution measures to protect your business against such threats in the future.

Armed Guards Conduct Foot and Vehicle Patrols

Armed guards will patrol your property on foot and even in vehicles if it is large. This will go a long way to deter criminals from your business. When they are patrolling your business, they will see which section poses a security threat and work towards resolving the issue.

The armed guards could have sniffer dogs when patrolling your property. These dogs will assist in the apprehension of perpetrators who may have sophisticated weapons that an armed guard may not ordinarily detect.

Increased Staff Flexibility

When you hire armed guards from a reputable security firm, you will never have any HR issues with them. If you want to increase your security personnel, all you need to do is contact their firm and request for more armed guards without going through the entire process of hiring and vetting them.

If an armed guard is injured or is sick, the security company will handle the case and ensure that you are never short-staffed. Armed service providers provide training for their guards and ensure they are well compensated for their services. This seamless flow will ensure that you can concentrate on your business, knowing your business is in the safe hands of the security personnel.

Your Business is Under Surveillance

When you hire the services of armed guards, your business will be under surveillance. Surveillance helps in ensuring that your business’s safety comes first. Armed guards are on-site and act quickly in the event of an alarm going off. The quick reaction time will save your business and even the lives of your staff and clients. Most trained guards have the necessary skills to react quickly to different threats that your business may face, and they can make the required calls to the relevant authorities.

Armed Guards Maintain Order

When an emergency arises at your business, be it fire, the presence of criminals, or a natural calamity like an earthquake, the possibility of panic rises to ensure, especially if there is a crowd. With an armed guards service at your business, they maintain order and control any crowd present, ensuring that there’s no panic. Armed guards can calm down the crowd and direct them to the safe exit and, at the same time, alert the police.

You will save Money and Time

When you hire the services of armed guards, their presence will deter criminals, which will help you save money in theft or any cost you may suffer due to any bodily harm caused by these criminals to your staff and clients. Armed guards could use surveillance cameras to assist in mitigating some damages to your property. If your business takes a hit, its surveillance cameras will provide the evidence required by the insurance companies.

Armed Guards Increase Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial in the success of any business; you will need to ensure that your customers’ needs are met before you can achieve your goals as a business. When you hire armed guards, you will meet your customers’ needs since armed guards have the necessary training in customer care.

Most of the time, all that a customer needs is to direct them and meet someone professional. They will leave your place satisfied, and they will not mind coming back again and referring their friends and family to your business.

They will Offer Safety Precautions to your Business

Armed security guards will advise you on the best safety precaution to employ in your business. Their experts will explain the possible scenario that will happen in the event their precautions are not followed. Armed guards are responsible for the general safety of your business, and for them to attain this, they will need to convince you, as the business owner, of the advantages of following their safety precautions. They will do everything to ensure your business’s safety and ensure that your staff and clients follow all the laid down safety precautions.

Act as the First Point of Contact in your Business

When you have an armed security guard at the entrance of your business, they will act as the first point of contact with your customers, and they will direct them to the receptionist. Armed guards service providers train their employees in customer care, and this skill comes in handy when dealing with your customers. When a customer meets a friendly guard who is willing to help at the entrance of your business, they feel at ease, and they will be glad to have business with you.

Check that Rules and Procedures are Followed

The armed guards must learn your business policies and ensure that they are followed. When they develop safety measures, it’s their responsibility to ensure that your staff and customers follow these safety measures. Armed guards may require your team to produce their work IDs before entering the work premises. They will also take turns ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Observe and Make Report on Daily Happenings

Armed guard service providers ensure that their armed guards observe everything happening at your business premises and prevent dangerous situations. Once they have averted any danger, they report it to their supervisors and the authorities. Observation and report-making help develop strategies that will prevent such occurrences from taking place in the future.

Armed Guards are Always Alert

Most armed guards like Green Knight Security are off-duty police officers and retired army personnel and have high training in the art of observation. They will notice odd behaviors that you wouldn’t necessarily see that indicated danger or if someone has the intention of causing your business any harm.

Your business will benefit from their combined years of service as they are in a position to smell if there is a cable burning or any other smell that your staff might think is normal. Their exceptional hearing also comes in handy as they will detect something that is out of the usual sounds at your place of work and take the necessary steps to avert any danger.

Their Presence Deters Criminals

The presence of armed guards at your business is enough to give potential thieves pause before they can carry out any criminal activity in your industry. Most buglers, shoplifters, and other criminals will have to reconsider before entering your business when they see an armed guard patrolling it. The presence of armed guards will also prevent your business from petty thieves, graffiti, and other crimes. Your customers will be safe as they leave their cars packed when they see your armed guards patrolling the car pack, which goes a long way in boosting your business reputation.

They are a Branding Tool for Your Business

If your business faces countless acts of vandalism, theft, graffiti, and other crimes that see you face lawsuits often, you will end up losing your clientele base as they will lose their confidence in you and your business. You can avert such scenarios by engaging the services of a top-notch armed guard security firm. Armed guard security firms will ensure that your business becomes safe for your business, and your customers will feel confident to shop or interact with you.

A good armed guard security company will develop a plan that will make your business financially and physically stable for customers to conduct their business with you. You should take your time to listen to their experts when they draft a plan that will keep your business safe and also implement these plans.

Once your customers, staff are comfortable with your business, they will spread the word about how safe it is to work and trade with you. Referrals are one way to gain long-time customers, and this will only happen with the presence and services of armed guards at your business. It’s one sure way of marketing your business and, at the same time, boost your reputation as a safe place for shoppers to be.

Introduce a Human Presence in your Security

When you hire armed guards for your security, you will be adding a human presence to your protection, and this will help your staff and clients interact with them daily. The interaction between your personnel and the armed guards will allow them to direct your staff and customers to safety during a crisis, as they will recognize them.

The interaction between the armed guards and your people makes it easy for your staff and clients to feel confident and secure while in their presence. Your team will find it easy to report any suspicious activity at your business which can go a long way in preventing loss of property or even crime.

Assist in Solving Internal Problems

You will realize that some of the crimes against your business are committed by insiders. Armed guards will offer their expertise in the investigation by monitoring your employees to determine what is happening behind your back. When armed guards investigate, they will secretly gather inforation, and alerting you upon finding the problem source. You can then decide what to do with the investigation results, and you can handle the matter without involving the police or your investors.

They Offer your Customers a Sense of Safety and Security

Your customers will feel safe and secure when they find you have put their security first by hiring armed guards at your business presence. The act of being in their presence makes your customers lower their guards and concentrate on carrying out their business at your place.

Your customer will have peace of mind knowing their property will not be stolen while in your business place. Your customers’ well-being is one of your top priorities, and when you achieve it by ensuring they are safe while they are at your business, it goes a long way in achieving some of your goals as a business owner.

Their Presence Increases Staff Productivity

When you hire the services of dedicated armed guards, your staff productivity will increase. Staff productivity increases as your employees will only concentrate on their work without spending time dealing with threats that may arise at the workplace.

Your staff will dedicate their time to your customers while they leave security matters to the armed guards. Armed guards will intervene in situations that may put your team under threat, giving your team a sense of safety and security while working for you.

They Monitor your Business

When you hire armed guards, you will receive several guards who will have different roles in your industry. Not all of their armed guards will spend their time actively patrolling your business. Some of their responsibilities involve checking staff and visitors’ credentials at the entrance, checking the surveillance cameras, working on the business floor where they look out for shoplifters, and opening your business. These monitoring services will ease your load as a business owner, offering you and your team the opportunity to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Armed Guards Act Quickly and Quell any Crisis

Armed guard service providers have their employees trained to sense when trouble is brewing and act accordingly to avert the looming crisis. These armed guards are always alert, and they ensure that nothing catches them off guard. The guards respond to different threats differently, depending on the degree of danger. Armed guards know how to react when dangerous circumstances arise.

It is the responsibility of the armed guards to ensure your business is safe from any threat. When such a threat arises, they should work diligently to ensure you do not undergo unnecessary losses. Armed guard service providers have experts who will develop safety plans that will ensure that the threat doesn't happen again.

You will have Dependable and Trustworthy Armed Guards

When you hire armed guards from a reputable security service company, you will not only have the best guards securing your business, but they develop a s security plan for you. Armed guard services are available 24 hours daily for seven days of the week, ensuring your business is safe and secure.

Armed guards security companies ensure that all their security officers undergo screening before they hire them. Their screening process involves fingerprinting, background investigation, interviewing their former employers and personal references, among other things, before hiring them. This process ensures that you receive guards who exhibit excellent work ethics, dependability, and a professional attitude.

Contact Armed Guard Services Near Me

Security is an ingredient that you should have in your business’s operation. Armed guard services offer a variety of services like thwarting threats, apprehending shoplifters, controlling crowds, and protecting your clients and employees. When you decide to hire armed guards in Los Angeles, CA, it is advisable to engage a reputable security firm. You will need to look up their reviews online, ask for recommendations, and consult with their management to know the team you will bring to your business. At Green Knight Security, we will take you through the various services we provide and develop a tailor-made security plan for your business. Contact us at 844-457-8326 and schedule a consultation with our experts.



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