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Why Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers as Private Security Is Better

By developer | Apr 08, 2021

Security is a top concern for many people. You want to feel safe in your home, office, or workplace. Individuals, business owners, and residential apartment owners alike hire security guards to offer their clients or property protection. However, security guards have limitations. If you want top-notch security, it is better to hire off-duty police officers.

The officers have extensive training and experience in dealing with security issues. Off-duty police officers also have more authority than security guards. They have the power to question, search, and arrest suspects. Additionally, off-duty police officers can respond more appropriately to emergencies. In this particular article, you learn why hiring off-duty police officers as private security is better than conventional security guards.

Police Officers Have High-Level Training

Before a police officer receives their badge, they undergo intensive training for six to nine months. They continue to receive more training as they progress in their careers. On the other hand, security guards receive their certificates after only 18 hours of training. The limited training does not prepare the guards to handle some high-risk situations.

Due to their high level of training, police officers are competent to neutralize various security threats and handle high-pressure situations. Off-duty police officers can quickly subdue an employee who becomes violent when you terminate their employment and professionally thwart any workplace threat. When you have off-duty police officers as private security, they use their acquired skills to ensure that everything runs smoothly. May it be at your workplace, home, or event.

Off-Duty Police Officers Have More Experience

Thanks to their training and working environment, police officers have extensive experience dealing with many security issues. The better training and more field experience give the off-duty police officers a distinct advantage over regular guards. Thanks to their constant state of high alertness, they can quickly detect if something is amiss.

The experience they have is a result of handling real-world situations when performing their daily duties. This kind of experience comes in handy if any threat ensues; hence, they already know what to do. They will not panic but neutralize the situation competently.

Police Officers Understand the Law Better

As a business owner, the last thing you want is for a customer or client to file charges against you for an offense committed against them in your premises. Off-duty officers understand the law and know how to deal with people lawfully. They know what the law says about handling different situations.

If you have regular security guards, they might overstep their mandate and break the law in the process of dealing with a client or customer. They can, for example, use excessive force to deal with an unruly customer at your establishment. As a result, the client can bring charges of battery or assault against you or your establishment. Since off-duty police officers know what the law states about dealing with such situations, they will use the necessary force to deal with the unruly client.

Off- Duty Police Officers Command More Authority

According to the law, a security guard has minimal authority. Their mandate only extends to stopping, questioning, and conducting searches. They can also detain a person if they believe the individual is a security risk. But, they can only do so under stringent guidelines, which they are likely to break. If they overstep their authority, you can face legal consequences like lawsuits.

An off-duty police officer has as much authority they have when on duty. The power enables the off-duty police officer to arrest if they deem it necessary according to the situation. It is much easier for an off-duty police officer to receive backup from their colleagues if things go out of hand. A security guard would have to ask for assistance through the police dispatch. The police might take longer to respond to a 911 dispatch from a security guard than they would if their colleague asked for help through the police radio.

A police officer is also better positioned to understand the kind of questions to ask a suspect for how long they can hold them and other related matters. When you hire off-duty police officers, you will receive more comprehensive security.

Off-Duty Police Officers Deter Criminals

The general public and the criminals view a security guard and a police officer in two different lights. A police officer commands more respect. A criminal would think twice about committing a crime where police presence is apparent. It does not matter if the police officer is off-duty.

Criminals realize that the police have better training than regular guards. They also know the off-duty police officers are also armed. These factors make it a wise step to hire off-duty police officers as private security. You can also have the police officers wear their uniforms even if they are off-duty. Criminals rarely want to engage the police. They would rather hit a soft target. The deterrent value of a police officer, especially in uniform, is much higher than that of a guard.

Police React Better to Emergencies

Emergencies can take many forms. Apart from crime, other types of emergencies can occur. A fire, for example, can start in your establishment. When you have police officers on-site, they will act professionally in response to the emergency. In case of a fire, the police will evacuate people in an orderly manner. They will also contact the fire department on your behalf since they have the necessary training. A security guard who does not have as much training might panic, especially if the situation becomes tense.

When a police officer places a distress call, they will receive a faster response from the emergency services. A security guard will have to go through the usual channels to reach the emergency services. On the other hand, a police officer will use a unique code to contact emergency services, which will warrant a faster response.

Clear communication is critical during an emergency. If someone needs immediate medical attention, it is essential to give your exact location for the ambulance to make it on time. Police officers are trained to provide the necessary information in emergency cases. Their clarity in communication saves precious time.

Police Officers Offer Better Protection to Your Person and Property

The primary purpose of hiring any kind of security is to protect yourself or your property. Police officers are highly trained to offer security. Some of the officers have experience in hostage rescue and high-profile personal guard. If you want to protect yourself, hiring off-duty police officers is a wise move. Police officers have more legal authority, and they can use various tactics to neutralize any threat to your person or your property.

The extensive training of police officers has put them in a better position to protect your property. You can, for example, station them at the entrance of your establishment. When they are at their posts, cases of robbery and shoplifting drastically go down because criminals are afraid to steal in the presence of cops. You can deploy off-duty police officers to patrol the parking lot or the entire premises. If you have an event where you expect a large crowd, it is better to hire off-duty police officers. Police officers have experience in crowd control. They can also neutralize any threat posed by a large crowd.

They Offer Better Employee Termination Security

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), two million American workers are victims of one kind or another of workplace violence in a year. Hiring off-duty police officers as private security is a prudent step since they professionally deter workplace violence. Workplace violence can result from employee termination, disciplinary action, large-scale lay-offs, and other similar events. The need to keep your employees safe is the topmost desire of any company.

Vendors, employees, or clients can cause workplace violence. The violence can range from verbal insults to physical alteration. In the worst-case scenario, it can involve shooting. Although you cannot prevent workplace violence 100%, you can put measures into place to minimize the occurrence. One of the measures you can put into place is hiring off-duty police officers who are better trained and have the experience to deal with any kind of workplace violence.

Off-duty police officers have experience identifying potential risk factors when interacting with vendors, customers, employees, or customers as they come in and out of the premises. Off-duty police officers will deter anybody who tries to cause workplace disturbance or violence. The police officers also have the security of your employees at the top of their minds since they are trained to maintain law and order everywhere.

Off - Duty Officers Provide Top-Notch Protection at Your Private Home

Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes. If you have flats or other residential property you own or manage, the residents’ safety is your top priority. Burglary and theft is a major concern in residential buildings. Off-duty police officers will guard your gate. They will keep away anyone who does not have any business inside or near your home or property. To ensure no unwanted guest gains entrance, the police officers will scrutinize each person’s identification document. They will also inquire about the purpose of the visit from the visitor. Since police officers have a high level of training, they will easily detect when someone has ill intentions.

Police officers also offer patrols both on foot and using vehicles. The patrols will help keep any threat at bay since it will be promptly detected. In case an emergency occurs in the apartment, the police will be the first responders. Since they are armed, they will handle the situation quite comfortably if the situation warrants an armed response. They can prevent a robbery or any other security threat.

Off - Duty Police Officers Offer Better VIP And Personal Protection

If you need VIP protection, using off-duty police officers is better than using security guards. The world is changing, and so are the tactics criminals use to perpetrate crime. If you are a dignitary, business executive, or a notable individual, your security must be your top concern. Criminals might target and kidnap you for ransom or steal valuables from your person.

Off-duty police officers are the better choice because they are highly trained to provide personal protection, vehicle escort, monitor threat, and protective surveillance, among other security measures. As a business executive, you need personal protection if you travel abroad while attending special events or conducting your day-to-day activities.

Hiring Off-Duty Police Bolsters Your Professional Image

You might be having an event in your organization. The event’s purpose might be to reward employees for a job well done or a shareholders’ meeting. Regardless of the purpose of the event, it is best to put your best foot forward.

When you hire off-duty officers, you demonstrate to the shareholders that you are concerned with their security. It is also a show that you actively support the local police department, and you are concerned with the security and the safety of the community at large. Your guests will also feel more comfortable when they see the presence of off-duty police officers.

Off-Duty Officers Come in Handy in Night Clubs and Bars

As earlier stated, most people do not regard private security guards in high regard. On the other hand, police officers command more respect. When some patrons consume alcohol and become intoxicated, they become unruly. If a security guard tries to ask the patron to leave the bar, the intoxicated patron might resist, and a confrontation is likely to ensue.

The case is different if you hire an off-duty police officer to man your club or bar. Since officers command more respect, the chances of a confrontation with an unruly patron are minimal. Additionally, police officers have the training and experience to subdue unruly individuals. Even if the drunk patron refuses to leave, the office can easily subdue and kick them out of the establishment.

Using Police Officers Is A Compliance with The Law

In Los Angeles, California, you must have several police officers present at certain public events. According to the law, you must have police and a supervisor at your event. The supervisor is usually a sergeant. Although the law does not require you to hire police officers at every event, it is nonetheless a prudent action to take. Having police presence at any event, whether required by law or not, is the best approach. Off-duty police officers offer the same professionalism no matter the type of event. They are as sharp in a homecoming event as they are at a concert. Their main purpose is to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Find Off-Duty Police Officers to Offer Private Security Near Me

If you have a big event coming up or are affluent, security might be one of your greatest concerns. Hiring off-duty police officers should give you the peace of mind you need. Police officers undergo intense training, uphold professionalism, and have many years of experience to deal with any security issue that might arise.

When attendees see the police officers, they will feel a high sense of security and realize you take their security very seriously. Police officers also have state authority to not only question suspects but also make arrests. If you want to hire off-duty police officers, do not hesitate to contact Green Knight Security at 844-457-8326. We have off-duty police officers available to work as private security.

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