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Hiring Security Services for Your Luxury Hotel

By developer | Jan 28, 2021

Your hospitality business won't survive if it is an unsafe premise, regardless of its welcoming appeal. For your staff to work for you or any guest to spend time at the business, the facility should make guests feel comfortable and secure. You cannot be patrolling your premises yourself regularly at the same time managing your business. Also, you cannot trust any untrained person to patrol your hotel. So how could you ensure your luxury hotel's safety without overseeing all security measures daily? The answer is hiring an expert security service company in Los Angeles. Please keep reading to learn why you might need this service and its benefits.

What Does Security Services Offer?

When it comes to security, you should take the necessary measures and care to prevent problems. Your security guards should implement the best mechanisms to guard your business, clients, property, and employees. One recommendation is consulting a security firm for specialized services. These specialized services include:

  • Security guard service — It is the basic service offered by security companies. It comprises services like fire watch security guard, first aid security, and alarm response.
  • Analyzing security systems — When it comes to your hotel's continuous and long-term security, it is more than a one-time installation of foolproof systems. There is a need for frequent revisits of the relevance and effectiveness of the security measures previously used. Risks, vulnerabilities, and threats change with time. As a result, your security provider will ensure you use the best service and keep improving with time.
  • Check-in services — Your security service provider is not just limited to securing your property and staff. They also safeguard your guests when they are traveling to essential business appointments and airports. They will ensure your clients depart at the scheduled time, keep track, and everything goes as planned. If anything goes wrong, they are trained on how to respond.
  • Investigative services — Any seasoned security provider also provides investigative services for situations like damage of property, finding a missing person, and theft. The guard will help you catch the suspect and take them to the police. It will also help you solve the case, identify the root cause, and how the crime was committed.
  • Offer surveillance devices — Surveillance devices are essential when it comes to matters offering outstanding services. Typical devices include mobile surveillance devices and CCTV cameras.
  • Patrolling services — The security service will divide your property into parts and cover all sections at intervals. This service is beneficial for large luxury hotels.

Does Your Luxury Hotel Require Security Services? Signs that Point to "Yes"

As a hotelier, security is an issue that should not be taken lightly. Your hotel could become a victim of illegal activities and crime, making it vital to protect your name, reputation, investment, and staff.

How do you know if you require an armed guard service? Keep reading to learn the signs that tell if it is time to engage one.

You Have Issues With Security Access Control Systems

Most businesses install security access control systems as the initial wave of defense. Although the systems offer security, they are prone to susceptibilities.

For instance, hackers could break into the access data and your employees' PINs. In other words, your staff has to remember and change the passwords, which could result in more challenges.

Moreover, the systems are expensive to maintain and install.

Unlike an access control system that requires regular maintenance, the security guard monitors every entry point effectively to ensure professional protection.

Your Parking Lot Isn't Secure Enough

A parking lot in a hotel that is open late or early hours is a hotbed for criminal activities. It is especially true if your parking lot has layout concerns and poor lighting. A space with safety issues like transients might make your staff uncomfortable coming to work and deter your potential clients from visiting the business.

You Want to Protect Your Business' Sensitive Information

As far as sensitive business information is concerned, you have to worry about your staff, guests, and hackers.

The business model and guests might depend on the information. The last thing you want to occur is the intellectual asset in your competitor's hands.

You could train your workers to handle the data, but an experienced security guard could prevent information misappropriation.

You Want to Regulate Employee Theft

Companies lose approximately seven percent of business revenues to staff theft. Security services could deter workers from robbing the organization. And your intellectual and physical assets are protected hence saving you money.

You Require a Visitation Plan

As a hotel owner, you have many visitors, and you might require to monitor who is entering and leaving the premises. Security services will assist you to do this effectively and prevent theft.

Your Employees Work Late

There is nothing a businessman loves more than dedicated employees. Sometimes that dedication could mean working late. Security guards could provide personal protection, protect where they work stations, and walk your employees to their cars.

The Hotel Serves Alcohol

Even when some of the signs discussed above do not apply to the business, you need to look into security services if you serve alcoholic beverages on your premises. A security guard could prevent fallouts in the establishment from drunken altercations.

There is a Delay in Police Response in Your Neighborhood

You should consider engaging security services if you are worried about how long law enforcers will take responding to emergencies. The guard is qualified in responding to emergencies where first aid is required or a suspect should be subdued. In these situations, you cannot afford to wait.

The Hotel Has Been Robbed Before

According to a National Retail Federation study, entrepreneurs lose approximately fifty billion dollars through burglary. Although one instance of theft could be insignificant, the small cases add up quickly if nothing is done to stop further losses. Prevention must be your priority.

Your Hotel Has High-End Equipment

Expensive equipment is essential to keep the business running. However, it could be a target for criminal activity to occur.

If you've costly equipment, such as exclusive machinery or electronic devices, you can install security cameras and alarm systems. However, they are prone to damages and require regular maintenance. Security guards will stop the theft and damage from happening.

You Keep Records of Concerns

A record of concerns might include activities in and around your hotel resulting in potential injuries, anxiety, and fear. If you have a record of concerns, it is high time to consult with security services. One of the responsibilities of your security services is keeping records of daily activities. They will track accounts of liabilities, injuries, and suspicious criminal activities.

Together with a daily corrective report, the records will guard the luxury hotel against losses if a person is injured on the premises. It will also give you peace of mind, and you could pay attention to running the business directly and what matters most.

You Need to Save on Insurance Premiums

The safer the hotel is, the lower your insurance premiums. Security services deter thieves, making the space safer. It allows you to take advantage of the insurance premium discount.

You Require Help for An Emergency Situation

An emergency happens when you least expect it. It could be a medical situation or a crime. Your seasoned security guard is trained to help prepare and help your business have emergency response plans.

Your Hotel Is in a High-Risk Area

If your area's crime rate is on the rise, you might need to engage a security service provider permanently or temporarily. Security guards can help lower the risk of burglary, theft, and vandalism.

Benefits of Hiring Security Services for Your Hotel

Deploying security services is one of the most effective methods of deterring criminals and keeping the business secure. All businesses, regardless of the size, could be prone to security threats. A security threat not only poses a property or human threat but could also affect the hotel's reputation. Other advantages of having security systems include:

Improved Surveillance

Security guards are vigilant and could identify criminal activity. Typically, ex-servicemen work with security providers following working from the forces. With the training and experience, you can be confident of your security team protecting your business.

The security personnel have many goals that involve monitoring the premises and camera feeds. It makes surveillance easy, and you could focus on your business.

Deter Criminal Conduct

The mere presence of security guards, whether unarmed or armed, and surveillance technology could be adequate to discourage criminals from targeting your hotel. It is human nature for people to behave well when observed.

Your security guards will also protect your hotel by mitigating risks like assaults, theft, and vandalism. These persons are skilled in detecting suspicious activities. After discovering, they will take the necessary steps before the crime occurs. They could also assist police in solving offenses that happened on your property.

Could be Helpful in Business Branding

This is an unexpected use of security officers that could help your business. Have you thought of making them a part of the hotel branding campaign? For instance, you could have them put on your company uniform to create brand awareness and enhance the hotel's reputation and corporate image.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Better Business

Your security service provider accessing surveillance and controlling your hotel premises enhances both your clients' and employees' experience. If the employees feel safe in their workplace, chances are they will be motivated about their work and more productive.

Criminal activities at your hotel could damage the reputation and stop your prospect from wanting to do business with you. The presence of security guards could help guests feel at ease during their stay in your hotel and know their safety is paramount to you. Consequently, increasing the number of your guests and ultimately your profits.

Your First Line of Defense

An armed security guard functions as a police supplement. In robbery or invasion cases, they know what to do to apprehend the suspect while protecting you, your clients, and your employees. They act as a personal bodyguard. That way, they prevent emotional and financial losses. 

Moreover, they are familiar with your premises and could be better placed to assist the law enforcers in investigations.

Could Protect Your Property from Floods, Fire, and Other Environmental Hazards

Another benefit of hiring security services is the ability to detect more than break-ins. Seasoned service providers have equipment that monitors environmental threats like fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and floods.

Even though the security guards can only notify you of the potential hazards, early detection could help you fix the issue before it results in significant damage and losses. 

Offer Safety in Less Populated Areas

A less used stairway, storeroom, or dark alley are some of the places in your luxury hotel where accidents or crime can quickly happen. Deploying a security guard at these places will guarantee peace of mind to your clients and staff.

Alleviates Disorderly Conduct

Hotel security goes beyond preventing large scale offenses. It's also vital to address issues with arrogant visitors or guests. Your visitor could get into taking many drinks, and if not properly managed, the event could become a more significant challenge. The security officer will de-escalate the situation and ensure the guest does not cause a commotion.

Sometimes your hotel could have guests that damage property or trash your hotel rooms. Your security can patrol through the hotel and deter people from destroying any property.

Offer Daily Reports with Evidence

Your security service provider does not present reports and information on more suspicions. They observe, review, and then offer you reports with proof that you could make the right and informed decision at the right time.

Why You Should Prefer Using Professional Guards to Hiring Internally

Following knowing the benefits of having security systems, you still have to decide whether to engage a private company or work with a guard from within the hospitality business. While using an internal guard could seem like an easy and quick solution, the advantages of using an expert outweigh appointing one of your workers to be in charge of security. Here is why:

You are Working With Experts

Although you must research before choosing your security provider, it's a practice for security firms to run background checks on their guards. That means you can have peace of mind, knowing you'll be working with a cleared expert.

The background checks for your armed guards are extensive and involve a Federal Bureau of Investigation check. Since they have guns, the guards should not have criminal records and pass a state of mind and fingerprint tests to be lawfully permitted to possess a weapon. These precautions are put in place so that you can have peace of mind.

Professional Security for Less

Outsourcing a security service provider saves you the money you could spend training a novice security guard and keeping their skills and certifications. Equipping your guard can also result in administrative expenses and consume business resources.

Additionally, qualified security personnel available for hire bring a rich security work background. Whether the guard is experienced as a security officer or a veteran, you are confident your guard has the required skills to defend what you value most; your business.

You Can Customize the Security

Every business has its security needs, which need a customized protection plan. Any experienced security services provider should work with you to develop security tactics designed to meet your hotel needs with little disruption while addressing all challenges the business might pose. Through working together on your protection plan, you will have a working relationship with the security team, naturally building mutual trust.

They Offer Customer Services

The security officer at the hotel's entrance is an essential individual as far as customer service is concerned. That's the first person your guests meet before entering the hotel. They are the initial contact and show your clients where to find things on shelves and how to park their motor vehicles.

They can sometimes escort guests with hefty luggage to their motor vehicles or escort them to the car during the wee hours of the night.

When your hotel has high traffic, the guard assists in crowd management and your clients are served adequately.

Handle Unexpected Situations

There could be planned workers' protests, go-slows, and strikes. The professional guard will make sure your property is secure. They could also give essential information and advise you on disagreements that might adversely affect your business.

Find Experienced Security Services Near Me

The hospitality industry is a demanding area of business, depending heavily on a good name and reputation. Because luxury hotel standards are subject to scrutiny, you should deploy a robust and practical security solution. A single lapse might adversely affect your future business. At Green Knight Security, we offer hotel security services and security training in Los Angeles that allows your guest to have a comfortable and relaxing environment in the hotel. Our guards are well-equipped, trained, and can handle the parking lot's threats to mitigate theft at the premises to protect your visitor's property. For more information, contact us today at 844-457-8326.

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