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By Super User | Feb 09, 2017

The best thing your company can use to stop shoplifting/theft is an attentive employee. Great customer service is the most effective way to discourage shoplifters from stealing. Shoplifters don’t like any attention.

I would suggest you take the below steps to make your business undesirable for shoplifters:

  • Greet all customers as they come in your store.
  • Establish eye contact.  Look for a person who acts nervous or doesn’t want help.
  • Keep your store neat. Shoplifters want to find a messy store.
  • Know where your customers are at in the store at all times.
  • Follow-up with customers who are “just looking”.
  • Promptly service the customer at the register.

Keep in mind that attentive employees are the most effective deterrents of shoplifting. Good service not only encourages customers to shop your business but discourages shoplifters as well.

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