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Restaurant, Club, & Lounge Security

Green Knight Security is the leader in both commercial/residential security services as well as security training throughout Southern California. Restaurants, clubs, and lounges in Los Angeles, Torrance, Covina, and other SoCal communities can contact Green Knight's professional staff at 844-457-8326 to find out about the comprehensive list of services they offer to all of their clients. Their goal is to keep every home and business as secure as possible at all times.

Restaurant Security

In most cases, people don't usually think of restaurants as needing a high level of security. The answer is both yes and no. No, they would normally not need on-site patrols or a uniformed officer at the door. They do, however, need a high level of security at times when there may be a large amount of money on the premises. This is where having an effective surveillance system comes into play. Video surveillance is capable of monitoring all exits at all times as well as the office and safe where most of the business' cash receipts are being kept. Green Knight Security and their 24-hour monitoring center allow for continual surveillance whether the business is open or closed.

Lounge and Club Security

Unlike a restaurant's laid-back atmosphere, lounges and clubs are more exciting and guests are usually much more energetic. The security needs for lounges and clubs reflect that and require a more visible approach to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. While video cameras are an essential element of any lounge or club's security package, it's also a good idea to have plainclothes security professionals on staff to ensure the party doesn't get out of control.

Lounge and club owners understand the risks that are involved when you mix alcohol, excitement, and fun. They also know that those risks can be dramatically minimized with the right type of security program. With recent events, such as the shooting at a club in Orlando, owners are also interested in creating active shooter security plans that will safeguard their patrons in the event that this type of event occurs. While the chances are minimal, it's important to be prepared for anything. This is where Green Knight Security comes in. They can implement specific security protocols to make the building safer as well as train the staff on what they need to do if this type of event ever occurs.

Video Surveillance Backed Up with a State-of-the-Art Alarm System

Most restaurant, club, and lounge owners like having a vantage point where they can see everything that is going on. This gives them an opportunity to keep things running smoothly and diffuse any activity that may lead to someone being injured or a fight getting started. Not only is this good for business, but it also keeps their potential risks low and lets everyone know they run a well-thought-out operation. Lounges and clubs can have plainclothes security professionals on hand as they are needed to ensure the environment remains both friendly and fun throughout the night.

These types of businesses can also benefit from having round-the-clock, monitored video surveillance. Not just to maintain the peace, but also to prevent loss, thefts, and vandalism. With individuals at the location during normal business hours, thefts and vandalism normally occur after hours when the establishment is dark and no one is around to interrupt the break-in. A video surveillance system with cameras strategically placed throughout the business can accomplish two things. First, it will act as a deterrent if the predators know that it's there. Secondly, if they don't know, it will provide video footage of whatever they do, plus trigger an alarm that will alert law enforcement of the illegal activity.

Emergency Response

Having a reputable security company provides a multitude of benefits for restaurants, clubs, and lounges, over an above what many people consider. While video surveillance is often their primary request, having a fully functional security system in place along with their trained staff that are available as needed, establishes a formidable layer of defense that offers many different types of protection. Once the security system is in place, it can be set to sound the alarm if any of its elements are breached. With video cameras and motion detectors in place, emergency personnel will be immediately notified if anyone accesses the property without authorization.

The Green Knight Security professionals work hand in hand with law enforcement when it comes to keeping your establishment secure. Whether it is during normal business hours when the GKS team is on hand or after hours when the security alarm is active, you can rest assured that all is well and your establishment is in good hands. By having a solid working relationship with local law enforcement, GKS staff are able to help secure the location and provide police with any information they may need if an event occurs.

Understanding the Importance of Top-Notch Security

Owning any type of business involves financial risk. The best way to protect your investment is to have a professional security team at your disposal who can help you with all of your security needs. At Green Knight Security, the priority is helping each client create a security program that offers them the coverage and protection they need at an affordable price. Restaurants, clubs, and lounges require a specific type of security system that will meet their needs without hindering or disrupting their business operations.

Having the right security system in place helps business owners accomplish several things. They can operate their business knowing there are “eyes” on the premises at all times through the use of video cameras. This helps during all phases of the business' operation, whether it be open or closed. Green Knight's state of the art alarm systems can add the final layer of defense that connects the security protocols that are in place on site, with local law enforcement. This offers a level of complete coverage that can protect all aspects of the business.

If you own a restaurant, club or lounge anywhere in Southern California, your first phone call should be to Green Knight Security any time you have questions or concerns about your company's security needs. By calling us, you will be put in touch with a team of security professionals that have a long history of working within this field. They are former law enforcement officers, bodyguards, FBI agents, and professional prison guards who have seen it all and know how to respond to almost any situation. They bring with them a full arsenal of equipment that can be used to secure your location and protect those who choose to frequent it.

Don't wait until your business is burglarized or compromised in any way. Call Green Knight Security today and find out how they can help you not only secure your building and protect your customers, but also protect your financial investment. They will tailor a security program that meets your company's unique needs. Call our Los Angeles security company at 844-457-8326 today and talk to one of GKS's professional staff today!

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