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By Super User | Feb 09, 2017

Robbery is a crime against your person. If an individual in public confronts you, your home or a business and they use force or fear to take your property you have been robbed.

It is important to remember two things:

The Robber wants one thing: your money or property

Robbers are usually nervous. You don’t want to delay a robber in any way; it increases the potential for violence.


  • People hanging out in parking lot or shadows of the store.
  • Suspicious clothing of individuals hanging out (large clothing, hats, beanies, hoodies, face mask or gloves). Especially if the clothing is out of season (i.e. jacket, gloves and beanie during summer).
  • Suspicious vehicles (vehicles driving in and out of parking lot, parked in lot backed in to parking spot, close to entrance or exit, vehicles seen several times at closing or opening).
  • People in a store that appear to be looking for cameras, safes and exits; maybe even writing things down (be extra aware at opening and closing). This also applies to vehicles in the parking lot at opening and closing.
  • Employee vehicles that have been tampered with (flat tires, vandalism or vehicles mechanically altered – won’t start).
  • Customers asking unusual questions about store procedures. We never give any information out about opening, closing or cash handling procedures. Simply tell the inquiring individual it is company policy that we not give out this information and direct them to your loss prevention manager.


  • Cooperate with the robber (don’t resist).
  • Try to stay calm.
  • Don’t make any sudden movements that would upset the robber.
  • Do exactly as told.
  • Activate the silent alarm only after the robber has left unless an extremely violent act is taking place (do it secretly).
  • If you move, tell the robber what you are going to do and why.
  • Try to get a good look at the robber and vehicle so you can describe it later.
  • Don’t be a hero; it’s better to lose the money than be hurt.


  • Activate the silent alarm and call 911 immediately (do both to ensure quick response). If anyone is injured insure that the fire department is notified.
  • Close and lock the front door(s).
  • Immediately notify your Manager.
  • Do not touch anything the robber may have touched.
  • Do not discuss the details of the robbery with witnesses or fellow employees – ensure all employees are accounted for and safe.
  • Ask any witness to stay until the police arrive. If they can’t stay get their names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Try to recall as much as you can about the robber’s appearance, speech, mannerisms and direction of departure.
  • Step outside when the police arrive so that they will know the robber is gone and you are safe.
  • Don’t discuss the amount of money taken with anyone other than the police.

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